How do we work at Strix? With our unique work culture, we've created a space that not only attracts great employees, but is also a breeding ground for real talent.


Meet Mateusz - developer and... actor! [Strix Cafe vol. 1]

Is it possible to combine passion and work, realizing oneself in each of them? Strixer can! Watch the movie where Mateusz - our backend developer - talks about what he does, when he doesn't code.

Why did Bold turn into Strix?

Companies like people change, grow and mature over time. That was also our case. We needed a new name to conquer the e-commerce world with fresh energy. We invite you to read the story about its creation, in which a trip to the zoo played a major role.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All right, we're joking - we're not talking about that. Instead of dwelling on the nutritional value of a morning meal, we will talk about its... integrative power. If business breakfasts are organized, why not transfer them to our company grounds?

Santa Claus is coming to Strix

Like every year, this time too, Santa Claus came to the kids in Strix. There were games with animators, making Christmas decorations and of course gifts!

Celebrate Christmas time, come on!

Apparently, everyone, this year has been good and deserved Christmas presents. In the middle of December, we organized our company, Christmas Eve - there were dumplings, fish, borscht, and several kinds of cakes. We summed up the whole year and talked about our plans for the future - and the future will be bright, you'll see!

We win awards (and are proud of it!)

We are proud that the projects we implement for clients win awards. For design, UX, best solutions in e-commerce, and more. So, happy that the industry appreciates our work. It inspires us to meet new challenges!

Let's work together

If you want to move your sales to the online world, are looking for new ideas for strategy or innovative e-commerce technologies - write to us! We will be happy to talk about the best solutions for your business.