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Personalization of the online store with machine learning

A unique shopping experience is a value that every online store manager should bear in mind to keep customers and constantly increase conversions. Various forms of personalization are used in many industries for numerous purposes: starting from marketing through streaming services to eCommerce.

B2B E-commerce - why choose Magento?

For years Magento has been positioning itself among the leaders in the e-commerce solutions market. One of the most flexible and reliable sales platforms is mainly associated with serving companies from the B2C field. Meanwhile, Magento is also a reliable sales platform, offering many functions that help to develop business and increase sales in the B2B sector.

Why does your e-commerce need a PIM system?

Product information management for many employees in the e-commerce industry is a nightmare. Every day, they have to add a huge amount of data, check if they are correct, and eliminate errors. A functional PIM system is a tool that not only improves their work but also has an impact on building a positive customer shopping experience, which increases sales.

10 advantages of PIM that make your shop work better

Imagine that you bought a dream plot of land, where you will spend weekends and run away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. You want to enjoy a healthy, evenly trimmed lawn. You’ll use the right lawnmower, not a secateurs, won’t you?

Living in quarantine. What consumers buy and what business opportunities it brings

Two weeks. That was enough for our everyday life to turn 180 degrees, and the economy to become unsteady. The reality has changed and with it people's behavior, their shopping preferences and the way they spend their free time.

The time has come. Last call for migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

"He who moves not forward goes backward” - the author of this quote, so eagerly used by business coaches today, is a well-known writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Of course, when he penned these words, the 18th-century German author did not actually refer to selling on the Internet, but the idea has remained unchanged for years - whoever does not adapt to changes, has no chance to survive.

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