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Social commerce - how to do it right? 

Social commerce, or selling products through social media, is a trend that cannot be underestimated. How to prepare for selling via social media and why is it worth it?

Want to conquer foreign markets? See how Shopware can help you

Cross-border selling is currently one of the most important developments in e-commerce. How to prepare for international sales and why choosing the right e-commerce platform is the key to success?

Secure e-commerce. What threats are there for online stores and how to protect yourself from them?

Online stores filled with consumer data are undoubtedly a tasty morsel for hackers. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated on February 8, we asked Tomek - Strix e-commerce systems security specialist - about what threatens the industry from online criminals and how to take care of store security. 

Composable commerce - a new approach to building e-commerce systems

In this article, we'll trace the origins of the concept of composable commerce - all to better understand the approach and its benefits for business. 

Personalization of the online store with machine learning

A unique shopping experience is a value that every online store manager should bear in mind to keep customers and constantly increase conversions. Various forms of personalization are used in many industries for numerous purposes: starting from marketing through streaming services to eCommerce.

B2B E-commerce - why choose Magento?

For years Magento has been positioning itself among the leaders in the e-commerce solutions market. One of the most flexible and reliable sales platforms is mainly associated with serving companies from the B2C field. Meanwhile, Magento is also a reliable sales platform, offering many functions that help to develop business and increase sales in the B2B sector.

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