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Working with Magento for PHP developers. Hot or not? 

Why is it worth working with Magento? Does working with Magento have a future? We write about the benefits of working with this system for PHP developers.

Extending Shopware 6 and Magento 2 functionalities differences. Developer point of view

Of course, it is a little bit unfair to compare functionalities of a brand-new platform that just came out of early access to a fully developed e-commerce platform that was released almost five years ago. So what we want to write about is the differences in developing these platforms.

A few words about the tester's work

A few years ago, the work of the application tester was underestimated. Often the role of testing was on the margins of the project, and sometimes it was even overlooked. In recent years this trend has started to change.

Why is Progressive Web App such a big deal?

Progressive Web App is the future of web design. Thanks to PWA, users can easily install the store's website on their smartphones. It's a big change for e-commerce. A change that responds to the need to provide customers with the best possible experience in mobile shopping. Is now the right time for online stores to invest in PWA?

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