Celebrating Strixers' long working life


very year at Strix we go for a common integration trip - that's when we hand awards for people who worked in our company for 5 or even 10 years. We are proud of this tradition! But most of all, we are pleased with the fact that in such a dynamic environment, which is the IT and e-commerce industry, employees decide to stay with us for longer.

The power of appreciation

It is helpful to recognize the value of others' work and to acknowledge it on the board. One of the ways we use for this purpose are awards for employees for their length of service. We have such a tradition that people who have been with us for 5 years receive a watch as a gift to thank for their effort and involvement in the development of our company. The presentation of gifts takes place during the official part of our integration. As a part of this event we also show a short video collecting archival photos, where the main roles are played by our jubilarians, of course.

Last year proved to be a watershed year for us! Why? Well, the group of awarded people joined Strixers, who can boast of even longer work experience than 5 years. This time we also handed gifts to employees who are with us almost from the beginning of the company, that is from 10 years. For them, we prepared vouchers for weekend hotel trip.

A friendly place to work

For many employees, especially from the younger generation, working for the same company for 5 or 10 years is impressive. This is because the job market today looks completely different from it did a dozen or so years ago. Especially the IT and e-commerce industry is a dynamically developing environment, in which new companies are emerging, tempting employees to change jobs. We are all the more pleased that we have a group of people on our board who have decided to stay with us for many years. It gives us a clear signal that we create really friendly employment conditions and a comfortable workplace, and our daily efforts bring results.

In our company, apart from focusing on new technologies and interesting implementations, we believe that behind every project there are people and without them nothing would be possible. Rewarding people for their seniority is a pleasure. But personally it is a great satisfaction for me that I have the opportunity to co-create the place where people decide to work for many years - Borys Skraba, Strix CEO

How many of our employees will we recognize this year? We haven't counted yet, but one thing is for sure - we can't wait to celebrate this special occasion again!

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