Merry Christmas! Christmas Party 2021

Paulina Jóźwik

hristmas is coming and we could not miss Strixers meeting on company Christmas Party. This year we were able to celebrate in Krakow office. A year full of challenges, successes and demanding projects is behind us.

One thing is certain, we deserved Christmas presents, and we gave out over 130 of them! The gift packs included warm sweatshirts, laptop bags and thermal mugs - the perfect set for work both at the office and remotely. It was an evening full of laughter, conversation, Christmas hits and delicious food - the tables were full of cheesecake, dumplings and borsch with ravioli!

Christmas is a time to summarize the year. At Strix we carefully watch the speed of changes in the world of e-commerce and technology. We hope that the year 2022 will abound in fruitful projects. All the best! :-)

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