Sharing knowledge is in our DNA. Our activities in 2021


t Strix, we believe that knowledge has power, and the saying sharing is caring applies in the professional arena as well. 

By exchanging knowledge within the company, we make our colleagues from other projects work better because we can benefit from each other's experience. And by sharing our best practices outside the company, we shape the e-commerce industry and influence its development. Besides, we just like doing it! We adopt the principle of openness - each employee can submit his/her idea for educational material - webinar, article, or presentation. If they are willing to share their skills, they will receive the support of their team and also the help of the marketing department, which will take care of a good setting of the prepared content.

What does knowledge sharing look like every day at Strix? We have many activities, but a few deserve special mention. 

<How IT works>

New in our catalog of activities is a series of webinars on programming in e-commerce <How IT works>. Last year we organized three meetings in the series hosted by our Magento developers. They were attended by a total of 300 people! The next events are ahead of us, but before we invite you to them, we encourage you to watch the recordings from the past meetings on our YouTube channel. 

Examples of webinars:

  • #1 GraphQL in Magento - Hot or not? 
  • #2 JAMstack, headless & other cool stuff | How IT works #2 
  • #3 Static code analysis - a secret weapon in programming

In-house meetups

In 2021, we held 7 internal meetups. These are meetups that take place within our company and all Strixers are welcome to attend. Everyone can submit their own topic proposal. During the presentations, we discuss issues related to various fields: development, e-commerce, but also, from time to time, we share stories about our passions or hobbies. 

In the past year, our staff presented as many as 21 presentations! Sample topics: 

  • Modular architecture
  • Checkout on Vue.js
  • JavaScript in Magento
  • Boot2Root - CFT - what is it, and what is it about?
  • Basics and security of docker containers 

In addition to technical topics, we also touched on issues related to building a personal brand as a programmer, skillful making presentations, and traveling to the ends of the world :-) 

Our meetups also serve as a great opportunity to integrate, they are casual meetings where you can eat a pizza (cheers!). Despite the fact that we meet online, we always plan common games and integration activities after the meeting.

Speeches at conferences

We also participate in industry conferences and webinars organized in cooperation with, e.g. Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej (Polish Chamber of Electronic Commerce). 

Examples of events we have participated in: 

  • Meet Magento Poland, 2021
  • Shopware United Days, 2021
  • B2B Week with the Chamber of Electronic Commerce
  • E-commerce in B2B conference organized by Santander Bank
  • Webinars in collaboration with Blurank: Tomorrow's world without 3rd party cookies and Trends in Blue rank e-commerce

Industry articles

We regularly write for professional magazines related to e-commerce and online sales. We write about leading projects in IT, UX in online stores, or good practices related to the implementation of stores on Magento and Shopware. In 2021, the texts of our employees appeared in magazines such as Forbes, Business Insider, E-commerce w Praktyce, Clue (Domodi Group), or E-commerce & digital marketing. 

Examples of publications: 

  • Effective Migration. How to prepare for the implementation of a new e-commerce system?, E-commerce & Digital Marketing (paper edition)
  • How to consciously build customer shopping experience in e-store?, Clue Magazine
  • 7 good practices simplifying the process of handling complaints, warranty repairs and returns, E-commerce in practice 
  • The new reality of the Polish e-commerce industry, Forbes
  • Understanding e-commerce costs. How to estimate the cost of implementation and development of an online store. E-commerce in practice
  • How to prepare product photos for e-commece?, 

Commerce Space 

Commerce Space is an online meeting for e-commerce enthusiasts, where we invite industry professionals, merchants, and service providers to talk about the latest trends on the market. Our series is sponsored by the Polish Chamber of Electronic Commerce and "E-commerce w praktyce" magazine. In 2021, we organized 5 meetings with a total attendance of over 700 people - we are very happy about that! 

Webinar topics completed:  

  • How to apply machine learning in e-commerce?
  • Why a PIM system is a must-have for every e-commerce business
  • The struggle for effective checkout in e-commerce
  • Bold e-commerce (debate)
  • Metaverse in e-commerce

As you can see, there is a lot going on in our company. Above, we presented only a part of the projects in which we participated in 2021. But that's not all - we also exchange knowledge during the daily meetings of individual teams. We can't imagine working without it! :-) 

Work with us

If you like what we do and want to work in a place that gives you space to share your knowledge - both internally and externally - check out our current job openings in the Careers tab. We are looking for Magento developers, Vue.js developers, UX designers, and project managers. You are welcome on board! 

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