Shopware Training for developers

Julia Łączyńska

ow can you start creating online stores in Shopware? The best way is to get knowledge from experts! With this intention, we launched Shopware Training - a month-long comprehensive course for developers.

About Shopware

Shopware is a German e-commerce platform that is gaining popularity among European technology companies. Specialists appreciate it for its vast customisation capabilities and modern approach to online sales development, supporting B2C, B2B, and Omnichannel businesses. Underpinning Shopware's extensive capabilities are technologies such as Headless Commerce, microservices architecture, and API-centered solutions.

"Shopware is the most popular e-commerce platform in Germany, and we see its position strengthening in other markets as well. The community around this system is growing, and with it – the need for experts and a space to exchange knowledge. We believe that our course will allow developers to gain practical competence and the chance for professional development in the dynamic e-commerce industry." Marten Lehmann, CEO of Strix DE

Why did we create Shopware Training?

As Strix, we are one of the 11 platinum implementation partners of Shopware worldwide and consistently expand our portfolio with projects built on the platform. In order to make it easier for developers to grow their competencies and to attract new experts to our team, we created Shopware Training - an advanced practical course. 

The training will launch on September 4 and will be led by Jisse Reitsma – an experienced trainer of Magento, Shopware, React, and Vue technologies. The month-long course will include lectures, training, and self-work combined with evaluation and feedback sessions. During the first week, the training participants will meet at a workshop in our Krakow office, while the next part of the course will be conducted remotely. 

"Strix has been building Shopware's visibility among entrepreneurs and partners for years, organizing events such as Hello Shopware and Shopware United Days. This time we decided to address directly the developers who are the foundation of our project work. Shopware Training is more than a theoretical training course. It's an advanced, practical developer course, after which participants will be able to work with us to create online stores for international clients." Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix PL

Training Agenda

Week 1 (Architecture)

Development environment

  • Setup PHPStorm
  • Setup Dockware

Symfony wrapup

Shopware architecture

  • API-first approach
  • Flow Builder

Shopware installation

  • Symfony configuration for Shopware

Project workflow

  • GitLab, GitHub, Jira, BitBucket

Handling plugins

  • Composer installation
  • Composer repositories

Development tools

  • FroshTools

Licensing of code

Week 2 (Frontend Development)

Theme creation

  • Theme JSON
  • Working with Symfony Profiler
  • SASS variables

JavaScript plugins

  • Adding custom NPM packages
  • Bootstrap vs Vanilla

Advanced JavaScript

  • Webpack internals
  • TypeScript support
  • Debugging JavaScript

Icons and assets

Customizing common pages

  • Product page
  • Category page, CMS pages

Custom Twig variables

  • Twig extensions (globals, filters, functions)

SEO tuning

Frontend performance

  • Image optimization (WebP, AVIF)

Jest testing

Shopware PWA, Vue Storefront and now Storefronts

End-to-end testing with Cypress

Week 3 (Backend Development)

Creating a plugin

  • CLI commands


  • Controllers (page rendering, redirects, JSON, Admin controllers, etc)
  • Store API, Open API


Shopware DAL

  • Migrations
  • Custom Fields
  • Using repositories

Debugging code


Clean coding, organizing code

  • XML linting

3rd party extensions

Best performance practices

Week 4 (Advanced Topics)

Checkout and sales

  • Payment handlers
  • Cart processors/collectors
  • Tax standards

Async handling

Deploying Shopware

  • Build process (Webpack, assets, configuration)
  • Deployment with DeployerPHP
  • Deployment with artifacts (like Jenkins)

Shopware in production

  • Performance tuning (MySQL, OPCache)
  • Redis configuration
  • HTTP caching



3rd party connectors: Akeneo, PIMcore, Ergonode

SSO and SSI mechanisms

Sounds interesting? Do you want to know more about the Training or want to join the next edition? Write to for more details!

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