Strix team at the BigCommerce Partner Summit in London

Katarzyna Gądek

ast week, the grand halls of London played host to the biggest EMEA event organized by BigCommerce - The BigCommerce Partner Summit. Drawing attendees from all corners of Europe, the event showcased BigCommerce's escalating prominence in the ecommerce realm. Echoing the summit's theme, 'Power of Partnerships', the gathering surpassed expectations, offering deep dives into insightful discussions on its main stage, breakout sessions, and an unexpected treat of spectacular dancing.

Strix insights on BigCommerce's Roadmap
Among the attendees were the team members from Strix. A prominent highlight was BigCommerce's unveiling of their roadmap, especially their approach towards integrating AI in ecommerce. The vision and leadership showcased by BigCommerce's president, Steven Chung, was particularly striking. He laid out a crystal-clear plan for BigC's trajectory, which Strix's representatives found to be truly exhilarating.

Key announcements and Strix's thoughts

Upon reflecting on significant announcements, the Strix team unanimously hailed the "5 imperatives". This insight was pivotal in understanding BigCommerce's position, especially concerning Strix's business development perspective. The clear emphasis on targeting the upper mid-market/enterprise sectors, enhanced B2B features, and robust multi-shop functionalities harmonized seamlessly with Strix's objectives. With BigCommerce being a vital member of the 'MACH Alliance', their approaches on headless- and composable commerce were an additional factor which resonated with the team.

Throughout a host of panels, discussions and breakout sessions BigCommerce offered information for all possible crafts and trends. Whether it was product discovery, personalization, Product Information Management (PIM), or the implications of generative AI - all those topics and their resulting insights left a significant impression with the team. Moreover BigCommerce managed to paint a more clearer picture of where they are seeing themselves in that ever changing landscape. 

The executive panel, hosted by BigCommerce leaders from various departments helped tremendously in getting a better understanding of BigCommerce's visionary mid-to longterm positioning. On the other hand breakouts, like the one done by Halie Adams on the importance of strong communities, offered a different, yet refreshing take on how to compete in nowadays landscape. From the host, to the speakers involved in this session, everyone was focused in creating added value offering advice where needed.

Concluding remarks

With a week brimming with insights, profound discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities, the BigCommerce Partner Summit in London has indelibly enriched the Strix team's perspective. We are very happy with our partnership and look forward to continued collaboration.

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