What is it like to work as a Symfony Developer at Strix? Q&A with Piotr Kreft

Paulina Jóźwik

eet Piotr Kreft - Technical Team Leader & Symfony Developer at Strix. We asked Piotr how he finds working in our company. Read what he told us!

Professionally, Piotr is mainly interested in widely understood web development - he likes to stay up to date with new technologies, focus on quality of prepared solutions and know how-things-work. At Strix, he is responsible for developing our solution - Ergonode, which is a tool to manage product catalog for e-commerce. He likes to spend his free time outdoors - in warm days on a bike and doing water sports, in winter on a split board or snowboard.

symfony developer praca
Piotr Kreft
Technical Team Leader & Symfony Developer at Strix

How did it happen that you started to work at Strix? What attracted you to our company?

I was interested in the job offer itself - not only my technology stack but also interesting methodologies and approaches to development, such as Event Sourcing, DDD, Open Source. Then I was convinced by the recruitment interview, which was more of an interesting conversation than a classic job interview.

How do you recall your first day at Strix? Especially considering that you started in remote mode during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Certainly, starting a new job in a place that seems far away (Tricity-Cracow) and "watching" people only on a computer screen creates a specific atmosphere of unreality. In terms of content, I remember mostly growing awareness that e-commerce is a world that I am not familiar with and that I have a lot of catching up to do.

How does your typical day as a Symfony Developer look like?

I start my day with daily meetings and synchronization with the team. Later in the day, there are some organizational meetings to keep the team working as smoothly as possible. And in the meantime, when possible, I spend my time coding or doing some one-on-one consultations like pair programming/debugging.

What is the biggest challenge at work for you?

When collaborating and trying to organize the work of the whole team, it's having time to be as close to the code as possible and doing regular development tasks. It's also a big challenge to find a common language between business needs, technical possibilities, and developers' reasons - and all this in a reasonable time!

What do you think are the most useful skills to have as a Symfony Developer?

Meticulousness and willingness to understand the world of technology, frameworks, and patterns. Without a doubt, expanding your knowledge and horizons makes your mind more flexible and allows you to identify problems and solutions better and faster.

If you weren't a Symfony Developer, what would you like to do?

In the realm of dreams? I'd probably be a mountain guide, with a big emphasis on working in the winter, or a rescue helicopter pilot. As for more earthbound dreams - I think other areas related to software development or IT, in general, could be equally interesting :)

Thanks, Piotrek!

Work with us!

We are looking for people willing to work as Symfony Developers and PHP Developers! We welcome on board talented people who would like to work on developing projects on the Shopware platform and implementing our product Ergonode (PIM system) for clients.

Check the details:

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