The 2nd edition of Shopware United Days PL was a success!

Julia Łączyńska

ver 200 participants, 17 speakers, 8 presentations, 5 case studies, 2 panel discussions, 1 unforgettable afterparty, and a sea of coffee - this is the summary of the second edition of Shopware United Days PL in numbers! The goal of the conference from the beginning was to build a community around Shopware and e-commerce and create a space to exchange knowledge and experience. After all, our industry is based on relationships! We are very proud because we feel that all the hard work has paid off and the goal has been achieved - we have created an event that brings together people who know the industry and want to discuss it.

The growing popularity of Shopware in Poland

Shopware is a German open-source e-commerce platform, which in its home market is one of the most popular solutions for online stores. Shopware's customers are mainly medium and large companies with different business profiles, as the platform offers solutions tailored for the B2C, B2B, headless commerce, and omnichannel sectors. As of recently, the tool is also available to Polish businesses and is gaining popularity. We feel that as an implementation partner and organizer of Shopware United Days PL, we has a part in this!  

Cross-border trade and B2B sales

Last year's edition was about presenting Shopware's capabilities in the Polish market. This year we focused on two specific topics troubling the industry, namely cross-border trade and B2B sales. The result of the rapid growth of e-commerce during the pandemic is a hunger for global success. The question is, how to turn these aspirations into reality and not get lost in the unfamiliar ground of a completely new target audience? At Shopware United Days PL, speakers told how to enter new markets without slip-ups, implement an optimal pricing policy and adapt your e-commerce to the requirements and preferences of your audience.

The second part was about the B2B sector in e-commerce. This is a big challenge for companies because many tools are not tailored to the specific needs of the business clients. Conference attendees were able to hear how to develop the potential of their stores in this area, how the B2B sector differs from B2C, how to take care of proper infrastructure and maintenance, and what scalability and product information management brings. And all this with real examples of Shopware implementations! If this issue interests you, take a look at our article on how Shopware supports B2B sales.

Experts from the e-commerce industry

Our priority was to show real challenges faced by online store owners and offer practical solutions. So we opted for knowledge based on experience and examples, not just theory. Our partners and speakers fulfilled their role in an exemplary manner, describing case studies of implementations and surprising situations that one must face when entering a new market or starting sales in the business sector.

In part devoted to cross-border we could listen to a presentation by Marcin Glogowski of PayPal and Konrad Zach of thinkHUB on leveraging the potential of global growth, and learn about the possibilities of Shopware as a bridge to CEE markets on the example of a case study in a presentation by Lukasz Bątkiewicz and Mateusz Flasinski of Crehler.

In the B2B-focused part, we listened to a presentation by Kamil Arcisz and Rafał Chełkowski of X-ONE on omnichannel. We learned about the possibilities of Shopware on the Polish market using the CoffeeDesk case study as an example, for which we thank Łukasz Białonoga and Przemek Florczyk of Salestube powered by hmmh. Yann Karl of webweit, meanwhile, talked about the challenges of scalability in e-commerce. We also learned about the differences between B2B and B2C from an infrastructure and maintenance perspective from a presentation by Maciej Kalkowski of Centuria, and Dennis Griemink and Freek Bos of MIRON Violetglass & Glasmeister told all you need to know about PIM.

Discussions, networking, and an unforgettable afterparty

The 2nd edition of Shopware United Days PL gave us all the best of in-person conferences. Finally, we had a chance to meet with members of the Shopware community. In addition to the substantive conference and business networking, we had also an opportunity to simply talk and get to know each other better during the afterparty at the Barge.

On June 13, Krakow became a center for e-commerce knowledge and relationship building. It's hard to describe how much good energy we gathered during Shopware United Days PL and we can only hope that next year will be even better!

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