The first edition of Shopware Training

Julia Łączyńska

fter 4 productive weeks of intensive learning, our developers completed Shopware Training - a programming course conducted under the guidance of an experienced technology coach. Our internal initiative equipped the Strix team with new competences and prepared them for the next amazing projects!

We work with the best and learn from the best

Strix is a technological e-commerce agency. We deliver projects for online merchants at every stage – consulting, audit, strategy, architecture, implementation and maintenance. We make sure to develop our technology stack all the time, and working with industry leaders allows us to respond to market needs quickly.

For several years, we've been implementing projects based on Shopware, a German e-commerce platform for B2B, B2C and cross-border businesses. With the growing popularity of this tool and the increasing number of enquiries from customers interested in this solution, our need for specialists working with this technology increased. This is how the idea for Shopware Training - a practical developer course - was born. 

We believe in the development of our team

At Strix, we know that investing in the development of our specialists is a win-win situation - the team gets more satisfaction from their work, learning new things, and the company expands the range of competences and services it can provide to customers. Shopware Training is an excellent example of an initiative that helps achieve both objectives.

Practical, trainer-led course

Shopware Training was led by Jisse Reitsma, an experienced trainer of Magento, Shopware, React and Vue technologies, who has been helping organisations and individual experts develop their skills in new digital solutions for nearly 15 years. The month-long course covered 4 subject areas: architecture, frontend, backend and advanced topics on implementation and production. You can find the exact agenda of the course in this article.

Hello Shopware PL conference

As one of 11 platinum Shopware partners worldwide, we are actively involved in educating the market about its capabilities and building an e-commerce community around the tool. One of our biggest projects is the Hello Shopware PL conference. This year we want to address the event mainly to developers and Project Managers, so we will focus on technological issues. If you are interested in the possibilities of the platform or want to learn more about how we work at Strix - register for the event!

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