We won the E-commerce Poland Award 2023 for the Medicover project!

Julia Łączyńska

edistore platform, which we implemented together with Medicover, has won a statuette in the most important industry competition - E-commerce Poland Awards! The Chamber of Electronic Economy awarded us the victory in the Best Adaptation to New Digital Reality category.

The most important competition in the e-commerce industry

For the 11th time, the Chamber of Electronic Economy has awarded prizes to leaders in the online sales industry in the prestigious E-commerce Poland Awards competition. Of the 1,450 entries evaluated, only 190 were awarded. In 21 categories, the biggest brands, of Polish and international repute, offering products and services competed against each other. Among the nominees were fantastic projects from companies such as Empik, InPost, Your KAYA, Hebe, Modivo, Allegro, SuperPharm, Answear and LOT. Such impressive competition makes it especially important for us to be recognised in the contest.

2 nominations and 1 win

In this year's edition of the E-commerce Poland Awards, we received a nomination for two projects implemented together with our clients. The innovative marketplace for client BBK, owner of the home&you brand, and the design and implementation of the Medicover platform competed for the statuette. Ultimately, Medistore - Poland's first marketplace for medical services - won in the Best Adaptation to New Digital Reality category. Last year, we also managed to return from the e-Izba gala with a statuette for the project for Sportano.

Medistore - an innovative solution for the medical services market

The digital transformation of the medical sector, which intensified especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, is giving brands and customers access to previously unknown technological opportunities and solutions. The project we carried out together with Medicover was groundbreaking for both parties. For the client, it meant reaching another milestone and strengthening its position not only as a leader but also as an innovator in the industry. For us, in turn, it allowed us to face the challenge of designing and implementing a marketplace that gives customers access not physical products bu and professional medical services like examinations, tests, health packages and online consultations offered by thousands of establishments in Poland. 

Medicover Case Study

We celebrated for two days!

The e-Commerce Poland Awards Gala is an event that the e-commerce industry has been waiting for all year. And not only because of the awards - because the festive evening is an opportunity for networking and conversations with exceptional experts. This year, the gala was exceptionally held in Krakow. We knew there wouldn't be enough nights for all the discussions, gossip and congratulations, so we organized a breakfast for the participants in our Krakow office the next day. 

Not all heroes wear capes

If all the people involved in working on the submitted projects came to the e-Commerce Poland Awards gala, we would probably fill the National Stadium! Every success we achieve as Strix is due to many people striving together for one goal. When everyone congratulates us on our victory, we congratulate our project team, who were able to turn such ambitious development plans into reality! We thank the project managers, developers, designers, architects for their hard work, experience and expertise. Thank you to the board of directors, internal advisors and analysts for watching over quality and execution. We thank the marketing team for their support in promoting and preparing the application. Thank you to Medicover for your trust, open communication, partnership and exceptional joint work. We are not slowing down!

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