We're not slowing down! September summary

Julia Łączyńska

eptember was extremely intense and full of new challenges for us. We’ve won awards, gave interviews, travelled to conferences and wrote audiobooks. Check out a short summary of what happened.

We received an award in the most important industry competition!

22 September saw the jubilee gala of the E-commerce Poland Awards - one of the most prestigious industry competitions in Poland. The largest and most recognisable brands competed for the awards, and this year's edition was a record-breaker in terms of the number of entries. That is why our victory is such a great honour! We came back from the gala with a shield, or rather with a statuette in the Design & Usability category for a project we’ve implemented for Sportano.

We published 2 ebooks and 1 report

Long forms are one of the most valuable ways of knowledge sharing as they let explore an issue better than short articles. In September, we published 3 materials:

Ebook Everything you need to know about an e-commerce audit

An audit of an online shop always raises many questions: What does it involve? How long does it take? Who should carry it out? What can you expect from it? In our ebook, we answer all of these doubts, discuss the key areas of an e-commerce audit and outline the process of working with an audit firm. The document also includes an interview with Robert Żochowski - Delivery Director at Strix, who has conducted dozens of audits and is a real mine of information on the subject. 


Ebook Composable Commerce - a new approach to online selling

Composable Commerce, Headless, API, UX, microservices - the head is steaming from all this terminology, and yet more and more of it is set to appear as technology evolves. Our ebook on Composable Commerce tells you in a thorough and accessible way about the new model of building e-commerce that is dominating the online sales market. We explain what the modular approach to sales application architecture is, why it's worth implementing and which businesses will benefit most from it. If you are intrigued by the topic of Composable Commerce but don't know where to start or what this phenomenon is all about, our ebook is perfect for you. 


Report E-commerce abroad and the opportunities of Polish cross-border

Everyone wants to sell abroad, yet not everyone takes up the challenge. We wondered what are the main barriers against entering cross-border trade and what makes companies give up on their international aspirations. We asked more than 40 entrepreneurs about their experiences with foreign sales in the last year. The result is a report in which we shed new light on the cross-border segment in Polish e-commerce. 

The report received a lot of attention from key Polish media - Puls Biznesu devoted an article to it in both its online and print versions, while Rzeczpospolita featured an extensive mention of the report in its text on foreign sales among Polish e-commerce companies. 


Sharing knowledge at events

Every autumn, as the holidays slowly come to an end, calendars are bursting with industry events. We have not been idle either and have been actively sharing our knowledge.

Centuria Live

On 7 September, we were invited to the premiere edition of Centuria Live - a series of meetings in which e-commerce experts discuss the most current issues in the industry. During the debut episode of the series, Borys Skarba of Strix, Maciej Kalkowski of Centuria, and Kuba Zwolinski of Snowdog discussed how to choose an e-commerce platform that fits your business needs and which frameworks are most conducive to scaling. 

E-commerce Trends Summit

On 15 September, we participated in the online conference E-Commerce Trends Summit, organised by MIT Sloan and ICAN Institute. One of the speakers was our CEO Borys Skraba, who talked about the challenges and opportunities awaiting entrepreneurs looking to enter cross-border sales.

Retail Challenge Poland

The 4th Retail Leaders Forum, Retail Challenge Poland, was held on 28 and 29 September, of which we were a partner. On the second day of the conference, Borys Skraba gave a presentation on Composable Commerce, Headless technology, and microservices, providing details of the new approach to building sales systems. 

This is just the beginning!

September was exceptional - busy, exciting and successful. Luckily, this is not the end of good fortune! More challenges and ideas are piling up in front of us, which we're looking forward to. If you like what we're doing - get in touch! We are open to partnerships and media collaborations, and if you are looking for an e-commerce agency to help you implement and grow your online business - let us know!

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