Strix behind the scenes - what does work in HR look like?


hat does HR department at Strix do? It's a place where not only decisions are made about hiring new people to join our teams, but also where ideas are born about how to increase employee satisfaction and build a pleasant atmosphere at work.

Our company is growing all the time, therefore we are looking for more people for the position of Talent Acquisition Specialist/IT Recruiter. If you are interested in what working in HR department in our company looks like - read the interview of Patrycja, who works as IT Recruiter. Patrycja told us about the background of her work, challenges and her way of development.

HR department at DesignWays 2021 conference.
How long have you been working at Strix, and how did it happen that you came to us?

I have been working in the company for a year. My adventure with HR started with studying Human Resource Management. I always knew that HR was where I wanted to be in my professional future. However, for a few years my path took a slightly different path and I didn't have much to do with recruitment. When the opportunity to work in Strix as a Junior IT Recruiter & Sourcer came up, I took it without hesitation.

You were promoted in a very short time. How do you recall your beginnings and your path to promotion?

Beginnings in Strix were intensive time for me. I tried to catch up the lack of knowledge in e-commerce, observe the work of the team and get the most out of it. I think that combination of soft skills and knowledge allowed me to find myself where I am now. Strix gave me the opportunity to develop, I think I managed to use it well.

What does your typical work day look like?

It is difficult to describe a typical day at work because there is always something going on in our department, so there is definitely no boredom ;) Every day we have many challenges related to the specificity of the IT industry, we are constantly looking for new ways to attract candidates, but we also put a lot of energy into activities that make our employees feel good at work. In addition, we deal with sourcing, interviewing candidates, negotiating contract terms and conditions, and finalizing all issues related to onboarding.

What do you find most challenging about working as an IT recruiter?

Understanding the candidate's needs and matching them to the company in such a way that after the first days on the job, the new person can say, "That was a good choice". We want new people to have a good understanding of our culture and work style - so that there is no disappointment on either side. That's the hardest part of my job. What comes in handy is the ability to have a thorough interview and "listen" to the candidate's expectations and character.  

And what do you like most about working at Strix?

A new person's first day on the job. It's a moment when I have the satisfaction of having met a company need, and I'm happy for the new person who has chosen to work with us. Changing jobs always comes with stress and anxiety about the choice. I strive to support the candidate at every stage of the recruitment process in such a way that they feel comfortable and confident that they have made a good choice. It gives me the greatest joy when this happens :)

How is the HR department organized in our company?

We are currently in the process of developing a team and are looking for new people to work with. At the moment we have people responsible for onboarding, building relationships with employees, end to end recruitment and sourcing.

Do you also operate in the area of employer branding?

Yes. In our department, we not only deal with standard recruitment, but also with the area of employer branding and preparation of all kinds of activities for employees. The nice thing is that you can choose the path you feel more comfortable in and do more tasks, either from recruitment or related to EB.

What tools do you use on a daily basis?

We use a great ATS. In it, we find all the information about the candidates present in given recruitment processes. This tool definitely facilitates communication between the team and is a powerful knowledge base. Additionally, we use all the modern tools that help us search for candidates effectively. We collect our knowledge base on an internal drive, to which each person in the department has easy and quick access. We are also constantly testing new tools and looking for new solutions.

What makes our approach to working in HR different?

If I had to put it into one word, it would be partnership. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable during the recruitment process, and that they receive feedback from us at every stage. It is also important that in our department we do not work on not changeable KPIs. It is true that the recruitment needs in our company are still high, because we have more and more projects. However, we care above all about quality, not quantity. We simply want cool, talented people to work with us, who feel good in our company, understand the industry and identify with our work culture. Such people will stay with us longer, they will want to develop, and along with their development, our company will grow as well. This is what we want, namely a win-win situation :)

What qualities should the ideal candidate for a job on your team have?

Firstly, he/she must like people and easily establish contacts with others. It is good if such a person is passionate about recruitment and wants to further expand their skills in this area. Certainly also has to be oriented to the challenge, which is undoubtedly the work in IT. Our department is busy, but it is also a lot of fun ;)

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