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Business background

Castorama Poland, leader in DIY / home improvement, is part of international Kingfisher group, consisting of almost 1200 stores in 10 European countries. Stationary sales network in Poland has 75 stores in 56 cities. Omnichannel implementation using Magento Enterprise Edition not only has been one of the biggest challenges for Magento Enterprise in Central Europe, but also allowed Castorama to take the leader position in DIY category in on-line sales as well.


We've cooperated with Castorama Poland since 2014. Before starting the new platform, Castorama's website has been based on simple CMS system, in which payment transactions were not possible. Our main goal was changing this system from simple informational functionality to proper sales one, which requires complex project, implementation, constant growth and maintenance of the e-commerce system.

“Omnichannel is the consequence of technological advancement, increasing number of smartphones and on-line stores. It’s also the response to ever changing sales patterns – people just have less time. Omnichannel addresses those changes, which doesn’t change the fact that it’s quite a challenge for many retailers that are used to more traditional model.” - Michał Russak, Head of Digital, Castorama Polska


      • Increase of traffic from mobile devices by over 400% (2014).
      • E-commerce Poland Awards 2016 – mobile design of the year award.
      • 72 stocks – system designed in the way to provide high performance with great stock number with dozens of thousands of products
      • 15 integration types – among them - system integrated with SAP, Product Information Management system, cash registers system, price system, mobile application (as data bus), stock import systems
      • 4 mln. monthly visitors – the system is designed for heavy traffic, which constantly increases, currently over 27 mln monthly page views.
      • 5400000 product pages – 75 000 SKUs with different prices, availability in 74 stores – over 5,4 product pages, updated daily (full system reindex taking place in the morning).

      Example functions

      • full e-commerce model launched with possibility to ship products with different dimensions in Poland area,
      • implementation of click & collect model, which takes into account differences in price depending on location,
      • presentation of assortment with several thousand products without any issue, possibility to check current product price and it’s availability in given store,
      • unification of on-line / stationary store prices and updating stock values, synchronized every 20 minutes,
      • e-commerce solution crafted with mobile devices in mind.

      Castorama service implementation

      Technologies: Magento Enterprise Edition, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, NPM, VUE, gulp, Symfony

      Click & Collect 

      The possibility to place the order and picking it up in nearest Castorama store was one of the milestones in Castorama platform implementation. It’s available for all stores in Castorama Poland and it’s the most popular method, making 70% of all transactions.

      The implementation of this business model (several stocks, pick up and shipping from certain store, not centralized stock) greatly shortens time necessary to prepare ordered products (currently the time to prepare newly placed order is 2-3 hours, with future goal of the order preparation taking around 1 hour).

      Advanced shipping system for articles with different dimensions in the entire country area

      The most important final stage of Castorama sales platform was giving the customers means to place on-line order with home delivery. Thanks to this service, Castorama as the very first DIY/ home improvement retailer guarantees on-line sales and delivery availability for more than 50 000 products, including construction materials.

      Catalog and newspaper digitalization tool

      Allows simple and intuitive creation of advanced multimedia on-line catalogs with possibility of direct purchase (with RWD technology as well).

      Big Data System

      Allows product recommendations, based on data analytics form other sales channels ex. receipts. We’ve analyzed millions of customers receipts, resulting in recommendations increased average cart value.


      Provides customers not only with quick and precise answers for questions they may have, but also serves as effective marketing tool.

      Integration of all sales channels

      Currently, within omnichannel growth strategy, Castorama integrated all its sales channels – on-line, phone orders and stationary orders. Customers can place their orders by calling the store, modify them on-line and remotely decide the shipping address. Customer is in full control of the path to the purchase to the point of order shipment.

      The biggest challenges linked with launching the ‘home delivery’ service

      1. 72 stationary stores being stocks at the same time,
      2. 5 different shipping zones w each of the (different distance and price per distance),
      3. 2 different Castorama own transport types (light/ heavy, different weight / capacity configuration),
      4. finding reliable service providing the optimal route to shipping address (Targeo service integration),
      5. creating proper authorization for administration users in control of shipping zones and capacity,
      6. optimal shipping cost calculation during checkout,
      7. Magento / DPD courier integration meeting Castorama requirements,
      8. dedicated algorithm, each store is a different point of parcel / tray sending,
      9. integration with DPD waybills in accordance with algorithm.

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