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Business background

Super-Pharm is an international chain incorporating three entitles: pharmacy, cosmetic store and perfumery in one place. It has 70 stores in Poland. For years, the company has been constantly recording successes in retail sales. The launch of the new e-commerce channel is an outcome of the company's development towards the omnichannel model and its continuous increase in competitiveness.


Super-Pharm needed a solution that would allow for flexible and flawless presentation of its assortment, the highest quality of product information and safe purchase regardless of the place, time or device used. Introducing the new sales channel should empower them to broaden the customer reach and improve the shopping experience.


Selected functionalities:

  • Smile Elasticsearch – an extensive search engine prompting queries, categories and products while entering a search phrase,
  • integration with the ERP Farmax system, which provides the platform with information on sales, warehousing and logistics processes,
  • integration with the POS system – Magento send information to POS when new orders or returns occure, which allows the customer to communicate with Super-Pharm employees in the Client’s stores,
  • integration with logistics systems,
  • integration with Criteo (real-time advertising),
  • Ceneo – integration with Ceneo price comparison engine allows to send data from the store to the website. Integration happened via XML file created by the store, which is downloaded by the comparison engine system. For this purpose, we have prepared a dedicated module integrating the Super-Pharm offer with Ceneo, based on the new Magento 2 engine,
  • Lifestyle Club – integration with the loyalty programme, which is an inseparable element of the Super-Pharm brand marketing activities.

Scope of the project

Designing new e-commerce system on Magento 2 was divided into 6 points. First of all pre-implementation analysis of business processes taking into account integration within the organisation and the work of an external logistics operator,. Secondly development of multi-channel sales strategy in the form of successive stages of implementation of particular departments – perfumery, drugstore. Next step was the UX/UI interaction design. Next one preparing the organisation to change and achieving its business objectives. Fifth point was changing the menu architecture by creating a Mega Menu, and last but not least redesigning the steps of the shopping process.

Changing the information architecture

A well-designed and transparent navigation is one of the key elements of any e-commerce system. It serves as a kind of signpost for the user, who should use it to find the desired item and buy it as quickly as possible. In the case of the Super-Pharm store, the structure of which includes a corporate website, dermal cosmetics, perfumery, and each of these sections is then divided into further subpages and subcategories, we have prepared a dedicated module – the Mega Menu. Thanks to the module, the menu is much simpler, even more intuitive, extremely attractive to the user and, most importantly, it allows customers to buy products from the level of the corporate website.

A new take on the checkout

The shopping cart is one of the key elements of the purchasing process. We have improved its appearance, functionality, highlighted the value and preview of the shopping cart. We also added  a map with a list of brick-and-mortar stores where customers can collect their orders. In order to encourage users to open an account and log in, we have added an “extra step” to the shopping cart. When going to checkout, the customer instantly gets a message about the possibility of registering an account.

Progressive expansion of the product range

The first version of the e-commerce website started as a brand website combined with perfumery. When the client found that the launch was successful, the range of products was gradually expanded. First, cosmetics were added to the on-line offer, followed by dermal cosmetics, and in the first half of 2018 – pharmaceuticals. That ultimately led to covering all three departments of brick-and-mortar stores.

Launching a pharmacy

The pharmacy part of the website was created in accordance with many legal restrictions concerning offering medicines. The project included a change of the appearance of the header and footer, the listing and the product pages.

We analysed the categories proposed by SuperPharm, rebuilt it to the extent allowed by the ERP system and tested the solution developed using treetesting.

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