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Business background

Grupa Meblowa Szynaka - The Szynaka Furniture Group – is a multigenerational family company operating in dozens of countries around the world. It includes Szynaka Furniture – the largest Polish producer of box furniture. The company approached us with a request for developing the principles of an e-commerce service and carrying out its implementation on the Polish market.


    Carrying out the project we designed and developed solutions to meet our client’s needs. We faced a range of challenges: providing support in developing an e-commerce sales process that would be beneficial for both the producer and its partner stores; building a website that will introduce the consumer to the brand's character and at the same time fulfill image-building goals that increase brand awareness among a new target group; creating a platform that gives the ability to manage the flow of orders both by the company's headquarters and individual stores; preparing detailed guidelines on the basis of which product information will be developed; developing the entire product catalog containing relevant information for both B2C and B2B customers.


      Selected features:

      • advanced filters and informative product descriptions created on the basis of assortment analysis, user interviews and research,
      • Enhanced Content Management  - pagebuilder framework dedicated to creating and managing static pages,
      • advanced search showing categories, products and content suggestions,
      • Strix Magazine - tool created for publishing online catalogues,
      • Importer StrixIntegrator Importer which enables to import data from spreadsheet into Magento.

      Project scope:

      • designing and implementing of an e-commerce solution,
      • pre-implementation analysis of the organization's business processes,
      • conducting quantitative research and observing the behaviors of Szynaka Furnitures’s customers to build a foundation for creating user personas,
      • detailed assortment analysis,
      • creating product database,
      • building corporate identity and defining the voice for the digital content and iconography,
      • creating the information architecture and designing UX interactions,
      • developing extensions for Magento’s native CMS features,
      • creating system for managing stores content and stores’ flow of orders,
      • developing advanced framework used for product data import.

      Taking User-Centered Design approach

      During the design phase, we worked using the Google Design Sprint methodology. On the basis of our previous research, competitive analysis and reports, we sketched multiple different solutions for the information architecture. Then we confronted the ideas inside our design team and prepared final wireframes.

      Product information and faceted navigation

      From our research we knew that detailed product information was something that Szynaka Furnitures’s customers really cared about. To address this issue, we prepared dedicated attributes sets for each product category. Then, all the missing information about products was gathered. Preparing relevant content was a milestone for the brand and it helped us to improve filtering experience on category pages and create successful and informative product pages.

      Unveiling customer needs through interviews and observations

      Conducting quantitative research and observing the behaviors of customers in Szynaka Furnitures’s stores were some of the first steps we took in this project. We gathered data through user surveys which we prepared using Likert scale and then completed the whole picture with empathy maps. From our insights gathered during this phase, we were able to define customer personas and gain knowledge about their needs, motivations and pain points. Finally, on the basis of that knowledge, we created Customer Journey Map to get a deep understanding of every possible aspect of the entire buying journey that Szynaka’s customer goes through.


      The motto of Szynaka Furnitures is “Always close to people”. We drew from this motif, creating a story that begins on the home page. It presents brand values ​​to the customers and guides them step by step through the assortment.

      Storytelling also has a sales function, promoting selected categories of furniture, and, thanks to interesting texts and showing customers room arrangements, it also inspires.

      New graphic style and corporate identity

      The brand's character, assortment and observation of customers determined the graphic direction in which we decided to invest. Szynaka Furnitures is a multigenerational family company that combines tradition and history with dynamic development and modernity. For this reason, we chose rectangles with gently rounded edges for the cornerstone of the project’s visual identity. Combined with an oval yet simple font, the whole design gives an impression of safety and classic. To accentuate the dynamics and progress of the company, we decided to include large images and use the advantages of playing with light. Our intention was to bring together a modern, printed catalog of beautiful photographs, encouraging readers to delve into it. Large pictures also allow us to recreate the experiences from the furniture store, where furniture surrounds the customer from all sides.

      Our take on managing product information and rich content is not just an online store - it’s also a place for building and maintaining brand identity. The website introduces customers to Szynaka’s values and also serves as a source of all relevant information for Szynaka’s employees.Taking this into account, static pages section needed to be quite complex. We expanded Magento 2’s native CMS features and implemented blog extension. It allows our client to publish company news, job offers or any other content, using a friendly user interface and simple editing tools.

      Advanced search with suggestions 

      On-site search is an important aspect of any e-commerce website. For this project, we developed an advanced search offering real-time product, categories and collection suggestions shown with thumbnails. The suggestions are narrowed down as user types characters in an input. Scoped search allows users to limit their search to a specific product category and gives them more control over the search results.

      Strix Magazine for publishing and managing online catalogues 

      Our client needed a tool for publishing and managing online catalogues. After doing some research, we discovered that all the available online publishing tools had some disadvantages: they branded the published content with their watermark or were available in paid subscription plans. Therefore, we have decided to create our own, custom and user-friendly tool dedicated to our client’s needs. The published content is also optimized for mobile devices and fully integrated with Szynaka’s e-commerce system.

      Technology stack

      Technologies we used: Magento 2 Open Source, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, Varnish. The project was developed in Magento 2 Open Source platform(formerly: Magento 2 Community Edition)

      We Enhanced Content Management

      Providing our customer with a powerful but still easy-to-use and intuitive Content Management System was one of our major challenges.

      We carefully analyzed and tested all the available existing frameworks and decided that the best option would be to develop our own tailor-made solution. The system we created extends Magento’s native features while still remaining user friendly and accessible. It allows managing and adding content using the WYSIWYG editor or Magento widgets and customizing pages’ layouts without any frontend skills required. However, it is also possible to add custom CSS-classes or additional HTML code.

      Managing stores’ information has never been easier

      From our in-depth interviews we knew that it was crucial for our client to easily manage all the information about their stores - such as opening hours, address or photos shown on their website. Our solution was to offer an easy-to-use content management system with templates dedicated to our client’ needs.

      Streamling data import with Importer StrixIntegrator 

      Having gained solid knowledge and experience from our previous Magento implementations, we were able to create a brand new and powerful framework dedicated to our customer needs. We designed and implemented completely customizable importer – StrixIntegrator which maps data from .csv file and translates them into Magento 2 attributes or any other needed product information. 

      Anyone can create a simple spreadsheet with columns dedicated to specific product attributes or any other data, then save it to .csv format and upload the file to Magento panel after some simple configuration – it doesn’t require any development skills. Making the process so smooth was a key to ease our client’s day-to-day work.

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