Implementation of the world's first version of Magento Commerce 2.3 with MSI live for Tous Poland

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Business background

Founded in 1920, Tous is a luxury lifestyle brand offering high-quality jewelry, handbags, and accessories within 54 brick and mortar stores localised in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In early 2015 Tous decided to go with Magento Open-Source to start their e-commerce journey. After 3 years company decided to upgrade their solution to Magento Commerce 2.3 with Multi-Source Inventory to accelerate their omnichannel strategy by creating seamless offline and online customer experience.

Company wanted also to increase their conversion rate, improve speed, scalability and performance of Tous selling platform. The key point was to deliver true multi-sourcing order management platform with a real-time updated local inventories in physical shops.


At Strix we become experts in short and demanding 3-month implementations. Tous is another project in which we undertook such a deadline. The company wanted to make it before Black Friday.

"4th Quarter is very important time in jewelry business, because of Christmass time. People choose gifts for their families, and for Tous to be on time with scalable and stable new platform was crucial." - Magda Staszczyk, Head of Ecommerce, Tous Poland

The challenge, however, was not only the date, but also the scope of work. It was not a simple system update, but the implementation of the world's first version of Magento 2.3 with a fully operational MSI, even before its official release. We had to adapt it to the systems and plug-ins used by Tous, migrate data, while maintaining and supporting the older version of Magento as a working e-commerce system for the customer.  All this only in 3 months.

Comfortable order management with Magento MSI module

Tous choosed to work with Strix, the Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, one of the core community contributors of Multi-Source Inventory module.

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) helps merchants to improve operational efficiency by managing inventories across multiple physical locations within the Magento admin.


MSI allows merchants to:

  • create sources in specific locations (such as warehouses and shop windows),
  • stock creation, stock aggregation,
  • linking warehouses to sales channels, prioritization of sources,
  • source matching algorithm for shipments 
  • shipments from multiple locations,
  • monitoring, stock updates by source,
  • notifications of low/saleable stock warehouse, shortages in the warehouse,
  • algorithm extensions for own sources,
  • integration with external systems via MSI APIs.

„The use of MSI in the project turned out to be a very good decision. From the Magento side we received preexisting solution that described the business logic of the client perfectly. We started our work by migrating existing warehouses and defining appropriate sales channels. Finally, almost 80 warehouses were defined in Magento, aggregated in three websites.” - Bartłomiej Szymański, Head of Software Developmnet, core-MSI contributor at Strix 

Black Friday – first true challenge

Just few weeks after launching, the production enviroment had a real test of new Tous e-commerce platform - Black Friday. It was a very exciting moment when after start of BF promotions during first 12 mins there were about 17k+ active carts. 

E-commerce Conversion Rate was over 13.60% higher than similar period in 2017 (the old Open Source Magento version), number of transactions was over 20.15% higher and average Order Value was over 7.98% higher. 

In total our solution tipped revenue to be 29.74% higher than Black Friday 2017. And what is most important, we hadn’t have any production mode time-break during biggest selling peaks.

WeltPixel template for Magento 2.3 MSI

The template, on which Tous is based, needed to be adapted to the new version of Magento. So we rewrote the code, making the necessary changes. Native functions, provided by the template manufacturer, have been preserved by us, allowing the user to easily manage it from the administrative panel.

Share the product with a friend

Native action, referring the user after clicking on the link on a new subpage, has been changed by us to a simpler version with popup.

New payment methods

We have added and refined new payment methods.

Personal collection

We have prepared a module that allows you to choose the Tous store where you would like to collect your order.

Several language versions

We have implemented and fine-tuned the display of three language versions of the store. Local customers can display Tous in Slovak, Czech or Polish.

Buy more, you will receive the product as a gift

Depending on the value of the products in the basket, the previously defined free products will be added to it.

AJAX pagination

We use ajax technology to ensure fast and smooth browsing of the following subpages in a given category.

New footer, static pages and landings

We have implemented a new footer for the service, as well as a number of static pages and landing pages.


The Magento 2.3 Commerce Version is much more stable and flexible solution.  It also brings to Tous business more opportunities to growth. Multi-source Inventory gives abilities for better orders management, as well as stocks and supply-chain processes. Tous - at the moment - does not need to worry about scalability and may focus on business development of new markets in CE.

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