Visual communication, knowledge about efficient stock presentation and customer’s path to purchase – combination of those factors creates unique online shopping experience. That’s exactly the way we approach our projects with our Commerce Design team.

We function as multidisciplinary team focused on solving actual business challenges. Each project is deeply linked with understanding of client competition environment, business specifications and customer’s path to purchase. To achieve this goal, we employ individual and group inquiries, questionnaires or quick tests with prototype sale models – all to pin- point the answer to users’ practical needs.

Design of a e-commerce system begins with creating its foundations – global navigation structures and stock taxonomy. The complex visual communication system is made, which in result will be the look&feelanchor for the whole system. It means that elements that the project consists of (colours, fonts, buttons etc.) are designed first, more complex modules (captions, footer, entire navigation structure) are created with usage of those elements.

This approach allows us topredict all project components, ensures the project cohesion, extendedness and reduces problems that may occur in the future.

The next step is working on overall concept as well as product site architecture. Due to the fact that the purchase decision is initialized on product site, we think it’s the key element of the whole path to purchase.

In order to increase sales effectiveness, our team designed the dedicated template and Product-Data Analysis. Using this methodology we analyse the assortment and create prototype of product information structure. It’s the guarantee that the customer finds needed informations making it easier when making the decision to purchase given product

During next stages we design category pages as well as product catalogue, followed by next steps of customer’s path to purchase (cart, order processing, customer’s account).

On every design stage we validate our project offer with customers, in form of quick surveys or more complex data analysis.

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