Digital Transformation Strategies (DTS) is the complex look at all operation processes in the company, which provides us with clear roadmap leading towards digital transformation, focusing on new sale models (B2B/ B2C e-commerce, multi-channel, omni-channel, marketplace, mobile commerce).

DTS is the solution for companies that want to integrate all sales channels (traditional and electronic) in one, cohesive ecosystem focused on maximizing customer satisfaction.

  • Wide-scale audit and concept of e-commerce implementation.

  • Launching and integration of new sales channels (e-commerce, m-commerce etc.).

  • Back-office processes.

  • Improvement and maintenance of all server infrastructure.

  • Better task coordination among all teams in the projects.

  • Knowledge in the field of digital and omnichannel strategy implementation.

  • Market benchmarking.

  • Minimizing the risk of lost revenue.

  • Lower risk of not meeting deadlines while implementing structural changes.

  • Reduce of risk and costs in case of a wrong decision made by the manager.

  • Focusing on actions that brings the greatest business opportunities and effects.

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