Sales factors research shows that lack of product information is the main cause of cart abandonment during on-line purchase. Product information consists of all data linked to the product describing it in sales context. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, videos, technical and marketing descriptions as well as information about shipping costs, price or promotions.

Research shows that for over 93% clients the visual presentation is the key factor, when making purchase decision. That’s why efficient product information management becomes one of the main processes for retailers, especially in industries with wide variety of constantly changing stock.

Strix implements PIM systems (Product Information Management), that allow to create, manage and distribute product data to different sales channels in effective way.

Years of experience allowed create product data system, which in return allows to create product specific content, with conversion rate maximization in mind – Product-Data Structure Analysis (PDSA).

PDSA consists of few stages. During the first stage, the analysis of stock taxonomy and reiteration of product classification for different sales channels takes place.

To meet this requirement we use well-known card sorting techniques (with target groups taking part in the process as well expert analysis). Next stage is research of paradigms/standards among competition solutions as well as product structure content in given industry. The last stage is implementing and mapping of all attributes, images, product content that will result in the biggest positive impact on path to purchase and sales channels, based on given target group people profiles (person).

Selected systems

  • Ergonode

    Easy to manage, open-source – new on PIM market, with main focus on simplifying the management of dozens and hundreds of products, by proper product list ergonomy.

  • Akeneo

    One of the most popular open-source enterprise tier systems, used by many leaders in their respective industries. Akeneo is used by brands like Carrefour, Auchan, Fossil, Sephora.

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