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Who, what, where?

This past week, Strix was honored to be the title partner for the Design Ways conference, held in Krakow. 

Design Ways Conf was the first UX & UI conference organized by the Krakow Designer Initiative (KID) co-created from scratch by its participants. Two intensive days full of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, mini-hackathons, case studies and discussions on designing experiences, interfaces, with an emphasis on new technologies - VR, AR, VUI, and many others. 

Unlike other conferences that are hosted in event centers or hotels, Design Ways Conf was held in The Kraków Technology Park. A special business environment institution with a unique and futuristic interior created a memorable experience that Strix was proud to be part of. A gamificated form of presenting the agenda and spatial arrangement of the event allowed participants not only to find the activities that suit them but also create a better experience of taking part in the event.

A comeback to the future was the main idea of the event. Participants have been invited to a history of finding one's own design path after moving into the past. The event was dedicated to beginning designers (who could find mentors, lectures, paths, and stands supporting their improvement, education, and career path on day 1), as well as the more experienced ones (who could get advanced, thematic knowledge on day 2).

Design Ways conference covered various topics from, rapid prototyping, 
micro-interaction design in digital products and common dos and don’ts of form design, to application design for Google Assistant, progressive web application design and VR application design.

Strix and the design team were happy to represent one of the main development tracks during these two days of intensive workshops and presentations: UX design. Every participant could become acquainted with our design process and the whole workflow overall. Furthermore, we were engaging people to take part in a quick quiz and win some useful office gadgets.

Okay, so what about the speakers?

The speakers were great, and the majority of tickets was sold out even before all the speakers were announced. 

We would like to mark out Jakub Dodot & Laura Lachowicz from Allegro and their topic about being a UX Unicorn. They have shown a short video about the UX designers from Allegro and their thoughts about being a UX Unicorn and if it makes sense. Actually, it depends on your personal preferences on whether you want to expand or deepen your knowledge. But no matter what you choose: being a unicorn or not, it's always better to work in a herd.

Another great speech from Grzegorz Róg from Eduweb. Grzegorz showed us how the design process looks like in Eduweb, the power of interactions, animations, illustrations and why they matter. He also mentioned the tools he uses while creating the UI, how to use them right and when. 

The first day wrapped up with a Keynote from Igor Farafonow - UXeria: UX charlatans and the disastrous role of designers. Igor shared his thoughts about the workflow and motivated the audience not to use ready solutions, but endeavor to come up with one's own. 

Everyone at the conference was invited to join the afterparty at "Hevre" in the heart of the old Jewish quarter in Krakow. It was a great opportunity to meet some new people, talk to speakers in a much informal atmosphere, listen to their "failure" stories and have fun.

Strix had an opportunity to run two presentations and share some good practices while using data and designing progressive web applications on day 2. Here are the speakers from our design team:

Katarzyna Duraj & Ola Czechońska covered a topic about an efficient data usage in UX design. Particularly, starting from stages of the design process when we are dealing with them, through which approaches we can later adapt to their use. They have pointed out the importance of seeing data in a broader context and not treating it as ready-made answers to all doubts and questions. The data should be used as a support to a deeper understanding of the problems and a starting point for finding the most effective solutions. During the presentation, they have also mentioned about good practices in working with data and which traps may be lurking around, as well as how we use data in Strix and what it is used for. 

Many questions were asked after the presentation, such as: how to effectively convince the client to conduct a research and how we create data-based personas.

Right after girls' speech and lunch, Dina Sabat &  Eryk Ulewicz were explaining what is a progressive web app and how challenging it is for designers. They have discussed the pros and cons of one application for all platforms that offers native-like experience, possibilities and examples of their usage, and which benefits it offers for both users and business. They have also shown an example of a combination of look and feel with good web design practices. 

Their topic gathered a lot of people in a hall with no less amount of interesting questions.

Guys were more than ready for the stage and gave great talks. We expect to see them at more conferences soon. 


To sum everything up, DesignWays Conf is not just a conference, it’s a community of passionate, creative and inspiring people who love their craft and aim to spread their knowledge around the world. 
We are so appreciative for all the attendees, speakers and KID team members who worked hard to make it all happen. Their dedication to a truly community-focused event was inspiring. We are very excited about the year ahead. 

Autor: Natalia Maltseva

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