Summary of the JavaScript training for Front End Developers

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As part of the cooperation with Bottega, last week we held a JavaScript training for our Fronted Developers.

The training was conducted by Piotr Wołoszun, who specializes in Ruby on Rails and Object-Oriented JavaScript. The course included JavaScript from scratch, application architecture and the VUE. JS framework. The task of the training was to focus on change of the thinking and programming habits developed during coding in languages other than JavaScript.

“We analyzed fragments of the code prepared by the teacher. We also created small modules in vue. js, which had the great advantage of being transparent and usable elsewhere in the application.” Arek Przybylski, Front-end Magento Developer says. 

“No doubt it was the best training I could attend! My knowledge of JS/VUE is certainly much higher than it was before.” Tomasz Wądrzyk, Front-end Magento Developer concludes.

On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank Piotr Wołoszyn for the shared knowledge. See you soon!

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