Why is a PIM beneficial for your e-commerce team?

Did you know that according to Ventana Research’s forecasts, by 2021… 50% of organizations will use a dedicated product information management system? All in order to provide consumers with the best possible product experience. Implementation of the PIM system is a way to keep ahead of the competition in the future. The clock is ticking… Is your business prepared for this? Read how PIM will improve the work of your team and influence the development of business.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet hell

Let’s take such an example. You are launching 10.000 new products on the market and receive thousands of data about each of them. You get a part in the body of an e-mail, a part in spreadsheets, a part in a printed catalog, and a part in a company Dropbox account. Sounds like a mess, right? You need to organize all this information in one place. Of course, you must do it efficiently and without mistakes. You do this using the old method, e.g. you type them into Excel. By completing this task manually, you are delaying the distribution of information to all channels where your customers buy.

That’s not all… A colleague from marketing department asks you to quickly send product information to the promotional materials. Content editor cannot find the information needed to create the engaging content. Customer service sends out a lot of questions from customers about product returns, and the IT manager tells you that your current system can’t handle that much data.

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