Colours in e-commerce - we write for "E-commerce w praktyce"

Research shows that colour is one of the most powerful tools used to influence purchasing decisions. How to use colour psychology in e-commerce? In the latest issue of "E-commerce w praktyce", Marcin Piwowarczyk - Vice President of Strix answers this question.

Colours & sales

Colour psychology examines how colours influence perception and behaviour. In marketing, branding or sales, colour psychology focuses on how colours influence consumers' impressions of a brand and whether they convince consumers to buy.

In the article Colours in e-commerce you will read among others..:

  • How do colours affect buyers?
  • What is colour psychology?
  • What is the guiding principle when choosing colours for an online store?
  • How to use research on the importance of colours in e-commerce?
  • Why is it worth testing colours in e-commerce?

Marcin Piwowarczyk's article can be found in issue 2(9) April-June 2020. The leitmotif of the latest issue of "E-commerce w praktyce" is effective marketing and promotion of an online store. The magazine can be purchased in Empik or on the publisher's website here (only polish version).

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Marcin Piwowarczyk - Commerce Design Director, Vice President at Strix Poland. He leads the team responsible for preparing e-commerce strategies and concepts for the largest Polish companies. He has over 12 years of experience in the digital industry. Speaker at numerous industry conferences, co-author of the first in Poland e-commerce manager's manual and the "Bible of e-business".