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Colour psychology in commerce

Colour does not add a pleasant quality to design — it reinforces it. These are the words of the impressionist Pierre Bonnard. How do they relate to e-commerce? If you want to influence customers' purchase decisions in the store, you must use persuasion to strengthen your message. You have a whole set of tools for this - one of them is the right use of colours. How does it look in practice?

FMCG during the COVID-19 epidemic

At a time when consumers' lives around the world are changing due to the coronavirus epidemic, the way they buy and make shopping decisions is also modifying. Therefore, FMCG manufacturers must ask themselves, how can they use this situation to reap the benefits for business? Those companies that have not previously offered online sales are facing the need to adapt to the new situation, which in practice means the rapid implementation of the e-commerce system. Why is it worth investing in this now?

How digital transformation can save B2B trade in the COVID-19 era?

The reduction of face-to-face contacts, the closure of trade fairs, the shift of traders to remote working, the lack of direct sales opportunities - all this brought the coronavirus to the B2B sector. COVID-19 surprised those B2B companies that have not yet invested in their own e-commerce services.

From now on, life goes on online. Will there be a new WeChat in the West?

In China, WeChat is much more than a mobile app. Calling it just a messaging app would also be too much of a simplification. With WeChat you can do literally everything - pay for lunch, call your grandmother, organize a teleconference and even send a virtual envelope with (real) money to your friend for his birthday. During the global coronavirus pandemic, such applications are the future.

Magento implementation in an online store. What to consider?

When you decide to develop your business and run an online store, you need to consider which e-commerce platform to invest in. There are several dozen solutions for online shops on the market, differing in size, price, and optimization possibilities. In this text, we will present one of the most popular e-commerce platforms - Magento.

Omnichannel adventures with Magento

Omnichannel is a necessity if sellers want to be competitive and do not want their business to die a natural death. Why? Omnichannel allows us to provide the same level of customer experience and satisfaction in both traditional and online stores, as well as in all-new brand channels - social media, internet of things, marketplace, etc.

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