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With Shopify, you gain a reliable e-commerce platform that is suitable for any industry. Thanks to Shopify’s comprehensive package of features, it is easy to create a user-friendly webshop. Shopify Plus goes one step further and offers the solution for an international, scalable and flexible online store. Curious about the possibilities of Shopify Plus? Request a free demo from us now.


Fully scalable

A solution for the busiest days of the year, but also for a day-to-day business.

Unlimited bandwidth

Uptime of 99.99 %

Endless possibilities

Worldwide support, available in over 20 languages, with over 100 international payment partners and over 9000 official apps.

Headless commerce with Shopify Hydrogen & Oxygen

Comprehensive integrations through "API-first" approach

Full focus on user experience

Intuitive editor for easy customisation

Full control over HTML, Javascript and CSS

More room for customised (design) solutions


Your online shop built with Shopify Plus

Shopify is an ideal solution for your e-commerce business, both for start-ups and established international companies. The special thing about Shopify is that thanks to its ease of use and short implementation cycles, you have enough time to concentrate on the most important thing - the turnover and growth of your online store.

Shopify's payment plans ensure full cost transparency. Whether with Shopify Basic for the start or with the enterprise solution Shopify Plus - you can see the licence costs of your system and have them under control at all times. As Shopify experts, we design and create webshops based on Shopify and optimise the user experience according to your wishes.


The most important Shopify facts at a glance

99,99% uptime

Shopify ensures that your customers can order products at any time

Easy to use

Intuitive features in the front and backend of your website


The Shopify themes are responsive by default and can be customized for each device


Over 300 new features appear every year, ready to use in your online shop

Online marketing

Email marketing, Facebook advertising, Marketplace connections... Shopify offers extensive tools to discover new sales channels

Extensive partner network

Over 9,000 officially listed apps and numerous partnerships with well-known solution providers from e-commerce industry

The upgrade of Brunotti's platform

Brunotti upgraded its existing webshop for direct sales to Shopify 2.0.


Shopify is a perfect e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. With Shopify, you gain an online store with flexible customization, limitless scalability, and premium support. Shopify is constantly evolving to make e-commerce better for everyone: you and your customers. All of this happens while you take care of the most important things in your company.

What options does Shopify offer?

You can choose between Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus.

What do I get with Shopify Basic?

→ Unlimited number of products
→ 2 accounts
→ 24/7 support
→ Manual orders creation
→ Discount codes and gift vouchers
→ Free SSL certificate
→ Abandoned cart recover

What do I get if I choose the Shopify option instead of Basic?

→ Basic features
→ 5 accounts
→ Professional reporting

What do I get if I choose Shopify Advanced?

→ All Basic and Shopify features
→ 15 accounts
→ Professional reporting
→ Third-party shipping costs invoicing

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is a SaaS solution - SaaS stands for "Software-as-a-Service". It is a software distribution model in which applications are provided via the Internet.

A major advantage of SaaS is that users do not have to worry about maintenance, updates or infrastructure, as the service provider takes care of these factors for a monthly fee.Shopify offers various subscription options that you can use to set up, design, operate and expand your online shop. You pay monthly for the use of Shopify and you can upgrade your payment plan at any time. The licence fee for Shopify Plus starts from €2000 per month and supports merchants in the implementation of more complex webshops.

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