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Strix is a Mirakl partner with a long history of cooperation and successful implementations. Our marketplace projects have been awarded with the most prestigious industry awards. Schedule a demo to see how we can enhance your marketplace performance and scalability.


Unlock your marketplace potential with us

The partnership represents a powerful alliance that brings together Strix’s e-commerce expertise with Mirakl’s cutting-edge marketplace technology. For businesses looking to not only compete but lead in the digital space, this collaboration offers a comprehensive solution that promises scalability, operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and data-driven growth. In an era where the online marketplace is constantly evolving, aligning with Strix and Mirakl offers a strategic advantage that is hard to surpass.

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The most important features

Flexibility and scalability

Platform engineered to support the rapid expansion of product ranges and entry into new markets without the exponential increase in inventory risks and operational complexities.

Enhanced customer experience

Mirakl enhances customer experience by enabling a wide assortment of products through a seamless, integrated online shopping environment.

Robust ecosystem integration

Mirakl is renowned for its ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of e-commerce ecosystem, including ERP, CRM, and PIM systems.

Easy sellers onboarding

Mirakl™ Connect streamlines the process of sourcing and partnering with high-quality sellers, enabling your businesses to efficiently meet customer demands with speed and precision.

Advanced catalog and product management

Bulk product uploads, automated categorization, and dynamic pricing tools, making it easier for marketplace operators to manage and optimize their offerings.

Order management

Integrated order management system that streamlines the processing and fulfillment of orders. This system supports complex ligistics and delivery models, ensuring a smooth post-purchase experience for customers.

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Read how we successfully implemented a marketplace for a leading home and decor brand in just 3 months

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What can we do for you?

We specialize in implementing Mirakl™ marketplace to transform your business into a dynamic platform, ensuring seamless integration and operational excellence. We begin by developing a comprehensive transformation strategy, leveraging your unique experiences to avoid common traps in assortment expansion and ensuring your marketplace brand remains consistent and strong. Our expert team provides strategic advising on marketplace positioning, competitive differentiation, and conducts in-depth market analysis to identify opportunities for growth

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Marketplace platform ebook

Learn what you need to know before implementation.

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Results that impress

Launching a marketplace was a double challenge: firstly, it was an extension of the business model, and secondly, it was a 'broad' change in the area of technology: redesigning the layout, decomposing the monolith, as well as integration with the Mirakl system.
Everything happened at an express pace. The key to success is a trusted relationship with a partner, as well as an understanding of current trends and the ability to anticipate future needs.
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