Bunzl - packaging where the inside matters


Bunzl - packaging where the inside matters

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Bunzl is a one-stop supplier for packaging, disposables and hygiene products. In the Netherlands, but also worldwide, Bunzl is considered an expert in non-food products. 

In the Netherlands, Bunzl has ten branches, each with separate characteristics and specializations. Within its branches, Bunzl cooperates with many businesses. The brand has 581 distribution centers in 34 countries worldwide and five continents. With a range of more than 16,000 products, Bunzl Retail & Industry is able to meet the total demand for non-food products. From checkout rolls to bread bags and from tape to shipping packaging.

About the project

Bunzl Retail & Industry's Internet ecosystem is large and complex. It consists of various platforms, CMS, base systems. In addition, custom solutions have also been built and new integrations added. The ideal situation for Bunzl would be a highly scalable environment where work can be done from a single backend with different storefronts. 

We started our cooperation with Bunzl with a so-called "exploratory project" to get to know each other, and see how we work with each other. As the end of support for Magento 1 was approaching (2020), we migrated the system from Magento 1 to Shopware 6.

The next task was to effectively prepare a new online store for a major Bunzl client. The online store will be built in the style of this client and developed based on the functionality of the Shopware 6 platform.

Implemented style

The old Magento 1 environment was not only very outdated in terms of functionality, but also the existing design of the online store no longer matched the new brand style. We decided to make the look & feel of the store consistent with the client's website so that it would be easily recognizable to B2B customers.

Convenience of ordering

The new environment is designed to make shopping easier for customers and provide top-notch service. One of the new features is to add a product to your favorites list. By clicking on the heart, one can save the product and have quick access to the selected products.

Migration of customized data and functionality

An important part of the work is the transfer of old data from the Magento 1 environment to the Shopware 6 platform. The customer also had several additional requirements, such as establishing and linking discount groups and customer groups, and providing the ability to give volume discounts, which has now been built into the platform. The third major requirement was to allow customers to change their billing address themselves.