Shopware implementation for Bier&zO beer shop


Shopware implementation for Bier&zO beer shop

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Bier&zO is part of the Bier&cO family and Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, the brand started selling beer in the centre of Rotterdam in the 1990s. The company focuses on out-of-the-box solutions and is not afraid of bold changes. 

Today, they are one of Europe's largest importers of craft beers, as well as a knowledge centre for unique beverages. Their mission is to popularise good and quality beer.

About the project

The parent company, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, serves a wide range of customers - from hospitality businesses and caterers to end consumers. After implementing a platform for another of Swinkels' organisations - Brewfinder - where every pub and restaurant owner can order unique beers from around the world, something happened that no one expected. The Dutch hospitality industry had to close its doors in mid-March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Brewfinder's core target audience stopped ordering beer overnight. 

The company had been planning to launch a new online shop for retail customers for some time, and the pandemic only accelerated the process and plans. As we had previously developed the platform for Royal Swinkels, we were asked to realise a new online shop. After consultation with the client, we decided on Shopware 6.  

Using solutions that work

Brewfinder's Shopware 6 platform was pre-configured to be reusable for multiple brands and concepts within Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. As a result, we used a ready-made and working solution for the Bier&zO shop, which significantly streamlined the whole process. Many modules were reused, in addition we extended the platform with new functionalities - tailored to the B2C business.

Short delivery time

Joris Knaapen, responsible for both Brewfinder and Bier&zO, emphasises how pleased he is with the agency's flexibility and speed. It only took two weeks to launch the first version of the shop. After that, we continued working on the development of the site.