Commerce Strategy Blueprint

We support clients in their digital transformation to new sales models. During the Commerce Strategy Blueprint workshops, our strategy team helps companies work out the various stages of business development in the digital reality.

More sales through digital transformation

Regardless of the industry or type of business (retail, wholesale, or manufacturing), sales models are changing rapidly. Whether we like it or not, consumers expect the same service and shopping experience regardless of where and when they shop.

The digital shopping revolution is overturning the traditional approach to sales. That's why we believe that only by thinking about the entire sales ecosystem-regardless of the type of shopping platform or shopping destination-can you bring your business into a process of continuous change. The methods and ways that worked 5 years ago are now severely outdated.

Effective e-commerce strategy

Customer at the center and digital technologies at every point of contact - this is how to briefly describe the goal that accompanies the creation of effective e-commerce strategies. At Strix, we know that it is not only the functionality of e-commerce platform or system design that determine high sales, but also the ordering, design and adjustment of all key processes within the organization.

Commerce Blueprint Workshops

For 12 years, we have been designing and implementing e-commerce solutions. During this period we have developed our own model of building effective strategies based on a series of workshops - Commerce Blueprint. We believe that close cooperation with a client during joint workshops is more effective than hundreds of hours of system analysis.

The idea of the workshops is based on a clash of perspectives: external customer (user-side) and internal company (back-office).
During the workshop, we develop a strategy based on synergy of actions in three areas:

  • vision (Clear vision)
  • digital product journey (Digital Product Journey)
  • business policies (Business Units Policies).

Our Blueprint tool allows you to start implementation work after just 2 days of workshops and focus on what is necessary for the launch.

Want to start selling online?

Contact us. We will prepare an appropriate strategy and help you efficiently implement a B2B or B2C e-commerce system for your business.

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