Usability tests

Usability tests will allow you to understand how users behave in your shop, which is essential for the development of e-commerce, improving the intuitiveness of the website and putting users' needs first.

What are usability tests?

Usability tests verify the correctness of website operation. They can be conducted at any stage of shop operation - after redesign, introduction of a new function, or as evaluation tests from time to time.

During usability tests, we check whether the shop users can use all the functions, and navigation through the shop does not cause them problems, find the necessary information easily, make purchases in a comfortable environment.

Thanks to usability tests, you can quickly and effectively diagnose consumers' problems. Introducing recommended changes is a chance to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts, increase conversions and build a business advantage.

Why is it worth researching user experience in e-commerce?

In e-commerce, usability of a shop is a key element of success. Users must navigate the site with ease to make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Optimisation - usability tests allow us to improve the intuitiveness of the shop and eliminate any inconveniences that dissuade the user from making a purchase.
  • Satisfaction - changes introduced in the shop will contribute to building a positive customer experience. Your clients will buy faster in a comfortable environment, which will increase trust in your brand as a reliable seller.
  • Conversion - improving user experience will make shopping in the shop more convenient and safe, which will translate into increased sales.

How do we conduct usability tests?

  • Moderated tests - this is a kind of desktop or remote research in the presence of a UX specialist, during which we ask your customers to perform general and specific tasks on the website. We observe how they perform and talk to them about any errors they noticed.  
  • Tests using UX tools - tests using methods such as: clicktracking, eyetracking, heatmap. We study users' interaction with particular elements of the shop, we check what your customers look at, what they click on, what they do not notice, and how quickly they can understand what particular elements on the website are used for.    

We conduct usability tests both on desktop and mobile.

Benefits of usability tests

  • You will check how your customers use the website (it is often difficult to predict),
  • You will learn about actual difficulties encountered by customers while using the website and making purchases
  • You will find out what users like and what features they miss,
  • You will gain specific tips for implementing changes in the shop, which will increase customer satisfaction and contribute to increased conversions.
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