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With B2B Box by Strix, you will launch your e-commerce business in just 3 months.

The potential of online B2B
sales is growing

The B2B e-commerce sector is worth $8.5 trillion and is forecast to reach $18.8 trillion by 2027.

B2B companies are implementing e-commerce

More and more B2B sellers declare the need to digitise their processes. Advanced e-commerce platforms save time and money and help to improve the customer experience.
The B2B e-commerce sector is worth $8.5 trillion.
It is forecast to reach $18.8 trillion by 2027.

Start selling online in 3 months with B2B Box by Strix

B2B Box by Strix is a solution to quickly implement a B2B sales platform in your company.

Pillars of the system

Stable engine

The solution is based on the stable e-commerce engine used by market leaders.


Support for multiple markets, currencies and language versions for cross-border sales.


Ready-made templates for customer panel, product management, order handling and stock management

What do you gain from B2B Box?


The sales platform enables rapid response to market dynamics and the introduction of new functionalities tailored to changing customer needs.

Expanding the client base

Selling online is a way to reach new groups of customers accustomed to the e-commerce standard, preferring to order remotely.

Increased sales

Starting to sell online helps to increase the number of orders, as customers have a new, convenient shopping channel at their disposal.

Competitive advantage

Many B2B companies still rely on time-consuming direct sales. E-commerce allows businesses to stand out in the market with the convenience and innovation customers want.

Time saving

Online sales reduce the time needed to finalise a purchase and automate the management of the offer. This enables you to fulfill more orders and improve the quality of your customer service.

Business analysis

The platform collects and analyses data from order history, giving you better insight into customer behaviour and preferences. This way, you can predict revenue more accurately and improve your offering.

Features of B2B Box by Strix

Smart price management

  • Individual prices for each product for a particular customer.

  • Personalisation of price lists for customer groups and setting of default prices.

  • Handling of prices for purchases of larger quantities of the same product (tier price) at an individual customer level.

  • Setting basic, promotional and minimum prices.

  • Import and export of prices using csv files or through direct database integration.

Stock management

B2B Box by Strix allows orders to be managed even if the goods are not available at the time. This allows the retailer to keep production and distribution running smoothly. Also, the customer does not have to wait for notification that a product has returned to the shop.
When selling below stock, an extended lead time is displayed to the customer. The original lead time information for each order line is retained on the order.

Efficient product management

  • Integration with the Ergonode PIM.

  • Easy product information management.

  • All product data collected in one panel.

  • Assigning roles and permissions within the team.

  • System prepared for marketplace and cross-border sales.

Develop B2B e-commerce with Strix

For more than 14 years, we have been implementing the most demanding e-commerce projects in the B2B and B2C sectors. Our competence and experience allowed us to gain the title of Adobe Gold Solution Partner and become one of 11 platinum Shopware partners worldwide. As part of Strix Group, we have two offices - in Poland and in the Netherlands.

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As part of the B2B Box package, we offer the preparation, installation and configuration of the Magento 2 environment, template design customisation, module implementation, database import, shop management training and much more!

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