B2B platform for EMM International


B2B platform for EMM International

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EMM International is a manufacturer and distributor of painting materials and tools. Have several of its own brands, such as Ronin Tools, Hamach and Colad.

EMM International is a company that brings together paint processing industries such as auto body repair, marine, aerospace and industrial. Its headquarters, in the Netherlands, is home to a research laboratory that develops new solutions to make paint work easier - so that painters can work better, safer, more efficiently.

About the project

EMM International approached us because of our experience in integrating PIM and CRM systems via middleware with Shopware Enterprise. Important requirements from the client were to maintain fast page load times while being cost effective. All product content comes from one central source and is loaded on four different web pages. More than 1,200 products are presented in eight languages on four sites. These four platforms were implemented using Shopware 5 Enterprise.

Four pages of the brand - one platform

We created a total of four platforms for EMM International and its three brands. Based on proven solutions, but with a distinct look & feel for each brand. The same format ensures corporate consistency, while at the same time the identity of each brand is ensured by using the appropriate color scheme and style of photography for each brand.

Available everywhere

The Hamach, Colad and Ronin Tools brands are available in more than 125 countries worldwide, and supplied through an extensive dealer network to millions of end users in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors. EMM International exports 1,200 different products from its headquarters in the Netherlands to many countries abroad. That's why it was important to make the four platforms suitable for cross-border sales. The new platform allows all platforms to be translated into eight different languages - without negatively impacting page load times.