E-commerce platform for Bouwbink


E-commerce platform for Bouwbink

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Bouwbink is a platform where both the hobbyist handyman and professional can find all kinds of building materials. In order to be able to offer a wide product catalog in a structured way, a store engine tailored to the specific industry was needed. The choice fell on Shopware. 

About the project

In Bouwbink's online store, the shopping experience of users plays an important role, as well as a site design consistent with the brand's branding. Choosing Shopware turned out to be a hit, as the platform has built-in functionality to support marketing efforts - Bouwbink used the Shopping Worlds feature, among others, to create pages with dynamic content. The customer is able to browse the assortment on a user-friendly and visually appealing page. 

Brand experience

Another element that influences brand building and consumer perception is the BLDR Club loyalty program. With each purchase, customers receive a certain number of points, which they can then exchange for discounts, for example. In addition, Shopware's functionality for creating blog sections allows Bouwbink to share tips and advice with its target audience. 


Bouwbink's product offerings are wide and varied. Integrations with ERP, PIM and shipping systems have been created to ensure that all assortment information is properly displayed. These connections are supported by custom functions, for example, to be able to import a large number of products. On the product pages themselves, it was important to be able to filter the assortment precisely - this is especially important when we have five versions of some screws - and each of them is to be easy to find in the offer. 

Custom product pages

Product pages are further complemented by custom features, such as the so-called sticky button - a button with an assortment added to the shopping cart, which is "glued" to the top bar on the page and visible when scrolling through the product card.