Skins Inclusive: Loyalty 3.0


Skins Cosmetics launched Skins Inclusive in May 2023, an innovative loyalty programme that rewards members for interacting with the brand both online and offline. With exclusive rewards, personalised gifts and unique content, Skins creates personalised appreciation for each customer. Strix provided technical support for this omnichannel approach.

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Skins Inclusive

Skins Inclusive's primary objective was to create a deeper connection with customers by rewarding them for their interactions with the brand, not just their purchase behaviour. Skins wanted to create an innovative, omni-channel loyalty programme that worked seamlessly both online and offline, with customer appreciation at its core. By integrating exclusive and personalised rewards and tailored content, Skins wanted to create a unique experience that would encourage repeat visits to the (e-)boutique, create engagement and build strong brand loyalty.

The implementation required an advanced technical solution to ensure smooth integration with the existing e-commerce platform and to track and reward customer behaviour both in the physical boutiques and online. This included the development of a dedicated customer interaction management module and the implementation of a CRM system to capture omni-channel customer data. The programme needed to be easy for customers to access, with a clear and attractive dashboard to inform them of their current level, the rewards and privileges available and how to earn points.

Community of engagement: Elevating loyalty beyond transactions

The Skins Inclusive programme has reached an impressive milestone of over 60,000 members to date. This success underlines the effectiveness of a personalised loyalty programme that goes beyond traditional transaction-based rewards. Customers are responding enthusiastically to the opportunity to be rewarded for various forms of interaction with the brand, such as - in addition to purchases - answering the monthly member question, attending masterclasses and writing reviews on . This creates a community of Skins ambassadors among members who are looking for an extra level of experience and expertise, but also want to help and meet each other.

The integration of the TritonX CRM system has played a key role in collecting and analysing customer data, enabling Skins to further personalise and optimise the customer experience. As well as driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases, the programme gathers valuable feedback that Skins uses to inform product development and service improvements.

The agile approach and close collaboration between Skins and Strix resulted in a smooth implementation and a programme that is closely aligned with Skins' identity and brand values. The Skins Inclusive programme has proven to be a powerful driver for customer retention and acquisition in the competitive beauty industry.

"Skins Inclusive is barely a year old but we are already seeing great results. Not only has the programme become an immense source of data, but we are also seeing that Inclusive is allowing us to continue to build relationships with our customers in a great way. For example, our first member event was a huge success and we have seen the number of product reviews increase twenty-fold. The monthly member question regularly gives us answers to pressing questions or points us in the right direction. We are getting a better understanding of what our customers really want because we are getting the information first hand. And we reward that with rewards, content and services that are highly relevant to our members. - Angelique Heil, CRM & Loyalty Manager at Skins

Revolutionizing retail loyalty: Building personalized connections with Skins Inclusive

The development of Skins Inclusive marks an important moment in the evolution of retail loyalty programmes. The programme is notable for its focus on rewarding engagement and interaction, rather than just purchase behaviour. This is in line with today's consumer expectations for a more personalised and valuable brand experience, where a two-way relationship is truly built between the customer and the brand.

Customer feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming not only the demand for such personalised programmes, but also the potential for further expansion and refinement of Skins Inclusive. With this solid foundation, Skins looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation and customer focus.

"We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with Skins Inclusive. Thanks in part to Strix's expertise and ingenuity, together we have developed an innovative loyalty programme that fits seamlessly with Skins' identity and brand values. We have found the Strix team to be very proactive and dedicated. A party to build on and build on. - Angelique Heil, CRM & Loyalty Manager at Skins