Platform Analysis: How is your existing store?

Has your online shop recently experienced a drop in the number of customers? Increased bounce rates? Figures below expectations and you’re not sure what’s the cause? With our Platform Analysis we identify areas responsible for low performance and potential improvement.

Platform analysis for better online shop performance

We will look at your business not only from the perspective of new audiences but also as experienced professionals who know everything about design and optimisation of sales platforms. As a result, it will instantly assess the first impression and intuitiveness of your e-commerce, as well as delve into particular areas of your website's performance, such as effective search or page load speed.

    Why is e-commerce auditing so important?

    An online shop does not exist without customers. Customers, in turn, do not come to an online shop that is slow, unintuitive, and unattractive. An audit helps to optimise e-commerce and improve the user experience.
    Users who were dissatisfied with the performance of the site will not visit it again.
    Online customers will choose a different shop for their next purchase.

    What exactly do we analyse?

    Our team of experts are assessing your online shop against specific functionality standards in the areas of UX, Performance, Visibility and Security.

    UX audit

    Is your shop comfortable and intuitive for the customer? Elements to be assessed are for example:

    • Page loading speed
    • Responsiveness
    • Attractiveness and fit of the design
    • Intuitiveness of the website navigation

    Performance audit

    Is your system architecture and server environment fit to make your shop run quickly and smoothly. Elements to be assessed are for example:

    • Quality and speed of the frontend and backend layers
    • Code compliance with standards for the relevant area
    • The shop's ability to handle increased traffic
    • Configuration of necessary hosting services and their application

    Visibility audit

    Even the best optimised and most intuitive shop won't make money for itself if customers don't come to it. So we’re looking into:

    • Website traffic, i.e. website views, number of new and returning users, bounce rate, time spent on site, etc.
    • The use of keywords
    • Search Engine compatibility
    • Content structure, i.e. avoiding walls of text in favour of a readable structure

    Security audit

    Online shops are popular targets for cybercriminals. So we’re looking into finding any gaps and weaknesses that could be the source of data leakage. Elements include:

    • SSL certificate
    • Security of the payment process
    • Compliance with data protection legislation
    • Security of access and authorisation

    Case study of implementations

    The time for an audit comes when something isn't working as it should and we are not sure of the cause. A drop in the number of customers and an increase in the bounce rate can be an alarm signal.

    Robert Żochowski
    Chief Consulting Officer at Strix

    Benefits of platform analysis

    An e-commerce audit provides a comprehensive review of an online business's operations, identifying strengths and weaknesses to optimize performance.
    • Enhanced data security.
    • Increasing page loading speed.
    • Better user experience.
    • Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.
    • More opportunities for shop development.
    • Greater scalability.
    • Improving site visibility.
    • Optimising app performance.

    Everything you need to know about an e-commerce audit

    Learn about the types of e-commerce audits, how to prepare for such a procedure and what to look for when choosing a perfect business partner.
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