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Elevate your customer experience with UX & UI design services. Our approach blends innovation, user-centric design, and industry best practices to create engaging e-commerce platforms that drive sales and build customer loyalty.

Get the perfect UX for your          

Our team of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designers will create a store design for you that not only reflects the spirit of your brand but attracts and encourages customers to buy.  Over the years of working with the largest stores in Europe, we have developed our own design process:

  • We design based on knowledge and data analysis.
  • We conduct research about your business and your customers.
  • We study your customers' behaviour to learn about their habits and needs.
  • We get to know your company's sales processes in detail.
  • We check which content has a greater impact on shoppers to present it even more effectively.
  • We provide a design that meets the latest usability trends and user needs.

Why is UX & UI design so important?

Customers decide whether they will stay on a website in about 50 milliseconds. So, you have little time to make a first impression.
Users are less likely to return to the website after a bad user experience.
Users indicate that a poor website experience negatively influences their perception of a brand.

This is how we do it

We make sure that the design process runs smoothly and efficiently. With the tools that will work best to achieve your business goal, our designers will analyse and help you optimize your existing processes – and create the perfect UI and UX design for you from scratch.


Business workshops

Our process begins with an in-depth business workshop where we work with our clients to understand their objectives, target audience and market position. This collaborative approach lays the foundations for a strategic roadmap.

Proto personas

To personalise the user experience, we create proto personas - detailed representations of potential customers. These personas guide our decisions, ensuring that each element resonates with the target audience.

Product content analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of product content, identifying key selling points and creating compelling narratives. This approach not only increases user engagement, but also strengthens the overall brand message.

Competitor analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial. We conduct in-depth analysis to identify market trends, benchmark against competitors and uncover differentiation opportunities.

User needs mapping

Aligning user needs with service features is paramount. Our process includes mapping these elements to ensure a smooth and intuitive user journey.

User interviews

To gain valuable insights, we interview end users. This qualitative approach provides a first-hand perspective, enriching our understanding of user preferences and pain points.


Website architecture and site map design

The basis of a successful e-commerce system is its architecture. We plan site structures and maps, optimising navigation and user flow.

Mood boards

Their creation allows us to visualise the aesthetic direction. These boards serve as a visual reference, ensuring that the design is consistent with the brand identity and resonates with the target audience.

Wireframing, Wireflows & Prototypes

We bring concepts to life through wireframing, wireflows and prototypes. This iterative design process allows clients to visualise user interface and functionality, facilitating feedback and refinement.

Audit and testing

UX audit

A comprehensive UX audit assesses the effectiveness of the user interface and the overall user experience. This process identifies areas for improvement and optimisation.

Baymard Institute heuristic evaluation

We utilise the Baymard Institute's expertise in heuristic evaluation, ensuring that our designs adhere to best practices and industry standards.

Usability testing

Using advanced tools such as eye tracking, heat maps, click maps and scroll maps, we conduct usability tests. These tests provide quantitative and qualitative data, allowing us to refine the user experience.

E-commerce website design is all about employing certain behavioural and buying patterns that are common to different customers. Our goal, as UX designers, is to create the simplest, most intuitive customer path possible.

Sławomir Majchrzycki
Product Designer at Strix, UX Master Certified by Baymard

Benefits of UX & UI design

Good UX and UI design are crucial for the success of an online store. They not only enhance the aesthetics of the website but also improve functionality, leading to better customer satisfaction and increased sales. Here are several key benefits of implementing effective UX and UI design in your online store.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased page loading speed.
  • Reduced cart abandonment.
  • Enhanced brand trust and loyalty.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Optimised mobile experience.
  • Improved site visibility.
  • Increased revenue.
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