New version of Lancerto online store


New version of Lancerto online store

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Lancerto is a premium clothing fashion brand that has been in business since 2008. Since the beginning, Lancerto has focused on providing a high-quality shopping experience for customers in every sales channel (omnichannel). The brand ensures the highest level of customer service, offers convenient delivery models, and makes it easy to choose the right size. In addition to its sales function, the website also serves as a compendium of fashion and style knowledge, as well as an extensive inspiration database. In 2021, the brand decided to redesign the site to further improve the premium customer experience.

Business goals

The need to refresh the visual layer of the store, improve its usability, or make it even more relevant to consumer needs influenced the brand's decision to redesign the site.

Before starting the work, the client presented us with the results of an audit of the store's existing site conducted by an external company. The entire research process involved more than 200 people, including Lancerto employees and customers. Together we discussed the key findings of the audit, conducted workshops and recommended solutions in line with Baymard Institiute guidelines.

The business needs presented to us by the client were primarily:

  • Simplifying the purchase path, eliminating barriers to ordering.
  • Provide online customers with the same consumer experience as customers in stationary stores - including by making it easier to choose the right size.
  • Emphasizing the value and character of the brand and positioning it appropriately (premium brand).
  • Improving brand credibility, "justifying" product prices.
  • Gaining more new customers.
  • Continually adjusting to trends, consumer changes, the market environment, and the changing product portfolio.

The new website design allows for an even more convenient shopping experience 

We proposed a new site design designed in line with the mobile first trend. Since a great percentage of Lancerto's customers browse the site's offerings from their phones, the brand wanted to make it as convenient as possible for them to use, as well as to make purchases (one step checkout). Until now, mobile users, although they browsed the offer on their phone, finalized the purchase from the desktop level.

The redesign included:

  • Home page
  • Category page
  • Product card
  • Checkout


In addition to achieving sales goals and increasing conversions, the client wanted to clearly emphasize the nature of the brand (premium), accentuate Polish design and provide users with added value in the form of a developed blog and inspiration section.

The homepage heavily features large photos - one of Lancerto's hallmarks are creative photo shoots - which we used along with a promotional video to convey the brand's character well at first contact.  

  • The first level of categories (men - women) in the navigation at the top.
  • The extensive homepage is meant to show the most important categories, lookbooks, but also have informative value - there is a lot of inspirational content, style tips, etc.
  • Photos play first fiddle - because we buy with our eyes.
  • Top categories highlighted with large photos.
  • "What's our style" section with hot spots visible on the feed - directing to specific clothing models.
  • Emphasizing the premium brand.
  • Simplified navigation on mobile - bottom navigation - with basic categories: menu, search, favorites, shopping cart - to avoid distracting the user.

Category page

The category page is supposed to allow, first of all, a proper bolding of the assortment offer, so that the user can easily find the product he is interested in. It is also of considerable importance for SEO optimization and positioning of the site for certain phrases. When designing this sub-page, we focused on a clear layout, prominence of images and an expanded panel with filters.

  • On mobile two products in a row.
  • The ability to filter in the overlay. After applying the filters, we have in the bar at the top a shortcut which filters we have applied - visible from the listing level.
  • We do not knock the user out with banners appearing - these are cleverly integrated visually into the listing.
  • At the end, the section "Stylist recommends" collecting suggestions for creating styles that fit the silhouette or occasion.

Product card

The product card is the most important piece of the puzzle in an online store. This is where users read the detailed description, product specifications, view product images - and finally - make their purchasing decisions. In the design process, and following Baymard's guidelines, we decided together with the client to highlight not only product information, but also information on deferred payments, delivery options or the expected date of receipt of the purchase. We also exposed the Sizing Assistant, a plug-in that allows precise sizing by providing figure information.

  • Large, clear photos with close-ups on details.
  • Described parameters of the model in the photo - making it easier to choose a size for yourself.
  • Showing customer reviews as a motivating factor for purchase. There are 26,000 reviews on the Lancerto website - all of them are positive and have never been moderated
  • Emphasizing FitFinder - size assistant - stronger exposure of these functionalities on both mobile and desktop. In addition, a classic size chart available.
  • Visible from the product card the expected date of receipt of the purchase by the customer.
  • Placed additional information about the possibility of buying with personal pick-up or the possibility of buying two products and returning one that does not fit
  • Enabling deferred payment - PayPo - information visible on the product card.
  • Comprehensive and expanded product information, including highlighting the differentiators and "justifying" the quality of the product (price/quality ratio).
  • In the "Up close" section, a focus on clothing items with descriptions.
  • Emphasis on quality and Polish fashion design - designed in Poland, premium materials.
  • Visible customer reviews - along with number of reviews and average rating.
  • Betting on a photo gallery and videos showing the product in motion (its use, flexibility of the material, etc.).
  • Personalization - the size assistant remembers the user's data for subsequent purchases.


A poorly designed shopping cart and checkout process can effectively discourage a user from finalizing a purchase. That's why we focused on making the purchase path as simple as possible and eliminating unnecessary distractions.

  • One-step-checkout.
  • As simple and shortened shopping path as possible.
  • Information on how much is missing for free delivery visible in the shopping cart.
  • Intuitive order finalization process, without collecting unnecessary data.
  • Gift wrapping information visible from the checkout.
  • Easy option to create an account - at the end of the entire ordering process - to avoid distracting the user who is in the process of shopping.


The website in its new design meets all the brand's objectives. It is clear, simple and intuitive to use - allowing the customer to efficiently browse the offer and make a purchase. In addition to its selling value, it is also a mine of inspiration, tips on materials, styling or appropriate use of clothing. Simplifying the purchase path was also an important goal. Thanks to the one-step-checkout, the user can verify the order, enter the shipping address, choose the delivery method and payment method in a single window. The introduction of this solution is an important factor from the perspective of the conversion optimization process - we can influence the reduction of abandoned shopping carts. The premium nature of the brand and the goods offered is also emphasized. Through the use of careful product descriptions, large photos, videos, close-ups of details, or information on materials - customers make informed and thoughtful purchases.