Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Magento is a leader among e-commerce platforms available on the market, which provides solutions for B2B and B2C brands. Magento in the Commerce version has a number of unique features that allow entrepreneurs to think about sales with confidence and match the shopping experience to customers in many channels.

Boost your sales with Magento

The advantage of the Magento platform is its flexibility - allowing for effective adaptation to the business requirements of all industries and companies, as well as a huge community of developers who improve and expand the system on a daily basis. The Magento e-commerce platform enables efficient implementation of an online store, freely using the possibilities of native functions and modifying them to the needs of a given business.  

Sell mobile with PWA

The Magento 2 platform allows you to customize online store to mobile devices, supporting merchants in increasing mobile conversion. Moreover, it provides responsive store templates that are optimized for each device. The next step to mobile shopping is the PWA Studio tool, with which you will build your online shop as a Progressive Webb Application, which will provide your customers with reliable, fast and convenient mobile shopping.

Build a remarkable shopping experience

Magento Commerce features enable you to provide your customers with a unique shopping experience. Own customer service, personalized content and promotions, and a smooth shopping process (checkout) are just some possibilities Magento offers. In addition, it allows you to easily create and add product content in-store with the Page Builder drag & drop tool - making the daily work of online store owners easier.

Enhance omnichannel sales

The requirements of consumers to shop are growing year after year - they want to buy from anywhere, at any time and require different delivery options (e.g. click & collect). Combining online sales with offline sales is becoming standard. Magento Commerce and Magento Order Management will help you tailor your business to your customers' needs with world-class omnichannel solutions.

Manage your orders more efficiently

Magento Order Management helps companies with multiple brands, locations, stores and warehouses to create a consistent shopping experience. This solution allows turning one platform into a mini center for order management in each sales channel. OMS gives seamless customer service, which increases sales while reducing costs and accelerates time to market.

Go global & expand new markets

Magento Commerce helps to efficiently conduct the process of expansion of Internet sales into new markets. Thanks to the platform's features such as multistore, multi-language, multi-currency, you will be able to launch an online store in new places faster and react to changes in a given market. With Magento Commerce you will also adapt your entire shopping experience to the local habits and expectations of shoppers - from website design and assortment to supporting regional technologies or suppliers. Multistore is primarily a solution for businesses that offer a range of products from different industries, operate or want to operate in many markets and reach different target groups.

  • the possibility of introducing local currencies depending on the region
  • various payment and shipping options
  • more than 150 language packages for use in the store
  • matching content and products to each region
  • managing regional shops in one place
  • the possibility of using different functions for each store
Manage international e-commerce websites

Ensure store stability & scalability

Magento 2 Commerce is particularly suitable for medium and large businesses due to the stability of the system and the ordering process. The platform works reliably even in the most difficult moments of the year such as Black Friday, where the number of daily transactions increases in online shops. The Commerce version uses separate databases, e.g. for checkout, order management or product data. This allows the system's functions to be isolated and avoids performance problems during increased traffic. In addition, the modular nature of the platform allows for optimal use of only selected functions, so that later, as the business grows, we can implement more, which is a natural consequence of increased sales and number of orders.

Invest in the omnichannel

In today's world it is impossible to build a multi-channel business without effective inventory management. Magento Inventory (a.k.a. Multi-Source Inventory) is a native Magento functionality that offers a number of improvements for online store owners who want to implement omnichannel in their business.

  • more effective management of stocks, sources and products
  • improved customer purchasing experience through better visibility of inventory
  • increase shop efficiency
  • possibility to ship the order from multiple locations
  • receiving notifications of low resource levels
  • easier drop shipping management

Read more about omnichannel adventure with Magento Inventory.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface

Save time by creating a richer and more convincing shopping experience with the Page Builder content editing tool. Our Magento allows the e-commerce team to manage content independently, without having to use the developer's help every time a change is needed. The tool works on a drag & drop principle, significantly accelerating the speed of content updates.

  • intuitive interface and content editor
  • quick content update and response to customer behavior
  • multiple content formats - videos, images, promotional banners and more
  • the possibility of planning content changes at any time in the future
MSI: Grow & scale multi-channel business

Improve B2B sales with Magento

B2B sales are governed by their rights. Magento is a solution that offers many functions and facilities to meet the needs of merchants, serving primarily B2B companies. This e-commerce platform allows, among other things, to add multiple users with different roles, to set prices flexibly, while maintaining the quality of product presentation known to B2C customers.

Easy B2B shopping

B2B buyers can quickly place orders online by entering a SKU, uploading CSV files or selecting items from pre-set purchase lists. Your sales team can assist customers by creating orders on their behalf and can respond quickly to online inquiries with a full set of offer management tools.

Efficient management

Ability to manage B2B e-commerce services for many brands, partners and customers. Your business customers will be able to manage their company accounts and set their own roles and permissions for individual users. They can also track offers, view detailed order histories and manage them without the need for direct contact.

Price list personalisation

Possibility of price grading, so that for customers with large orders the price of products is lower. Magento freely handles such cases and allows different price gradations for different customer groups. In addition, the platform allows you to customize different payment options to maximize sales, increase the convenience of B2B customers.

Mobile B2B sales

Your B2B customers also buy mobile. The Magento platform helps you create an immersive and mobile-optimized shopping experience. This allows your customers to place orders on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Choose top-notch e-commerce partner

We are an official Magento partner with Enterprise status. We have experience in implementing and operating the Magento platform for the largest online stores - Tous, I'M Motors, Lancerto.

We obtain certificates - confirming our knowledge and knowledge of the Magento platform (Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer, Magento 2 Front End Developer and Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialists).  

We develop Magento, co-creating new solutions - e.g. Multi Source Inventory (MSI). Our understanding of the industry and creative approach allows us to implement comprehensive e-commerce platforms tailored to business needs.

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