PIM systems

We implement extensive product information management systems which improve the processes of treatment and assortment management in enterprises. PIM system facilitates work and saves time and energy of employees - category managers, marketing managers, IT managers and even customer support employees.

Make the team work smoother

PIM is a product information management system containing all content and product information. Using this tool optimizes work related to product data management.

PIM is a tool that:

  • It allows you to create, manage, share consistent and comprehensive product information across all sales channels.
  • It improves the product experience of customers at omnichannel.
  • Improves the flow of product information within the organization and between business partners (suppliers, manufacturers, etc.).
Until 2021. 50% of organizations will use a modern dedicated system for product information management, and 61% of companies stated that using the PIM solution improved the quality of customer service - Ventana Research

Explore PIM benefits

Efficient product management

PIM allows you to control a large amount of product data, which contributes to the elimination of errors. The system enables sharing information about products in a consistent manner in all sales channels (Internet shop, catalogues, SEO, mobile, marketplace).

Time saveing

Saving time and energy for the team, which can carry out more cost-effective activities, e.g. instead of spending one day checking the correctness of data, the team can prepare more effective SEO descriptions, which have a real impact on improving search engine visibility and, consequently, on increasing conversion.

Better customer service

Reliable product information reduces customer enquiries to customer service. Thanks to the central product information management system (PIM), customer service responds more quickly to customer requests.

Enhancing customer experience

Using the PIM system improves the customer experience by providing consistent product information at each stage of the purchasing path and in each sales channel (omnichannel).

Greater competitiveness

PIM allows you to gain a competitive advantage by introducing products to the market faster, increasing your cross-sell and up-sell potential.


PIM increases control over data and reduces the risk of data loss, which also reduces costs. It also ensures data security and improves the flow of product information within the organization and between business partners.

How we work?


We audit the current status of product data management in your company. We check how the assortment structure looks like, how the data creation process is carried out, what are the roles of individual employees in the process.


Based on the audit results, we recommend the best PIM solution for your business and show you how you can improve your product information management process.


We adapt the PIM system to the process, configure the product data structure according to the range and integrate the system with other tools.

Choose the top-notch partner

We know the problems of product information management from the lining. That is why we created a new PIM system on the market - Ergonode. It is an open-source solution for people who need an easy way to work with thousands of product data.

We have been working with clients since the beginning of e-commerce in Poland. We advise and implement omnichannel and digital transformation solutions for B2C and B2B companies.

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