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Preparing an online store to enable customers to make mobile purchases easily and quickly is a priority for both B2C and B2B businesses. One way to strengthen mobile sales is to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Sell more mobile

The average conversion on mobile devices is 1.88% (Q2 2019, Smart Insights). Unfortunately, online stores are still not well adapted to mobile sales. The solution to this situation and a way to increase mobile conversion is to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA are web applications, based on the mobile-first approach. Shops created with PWAs run on mobile devices without any problems.

PWA is a modern technology that is already used by the biggest players on the market - Google or AliExpress. This means that this solution is becoming a standard and consumers will require all online shops to have a similar shopping experience to the one they have encountered before. Is your e-commerce service ready for this?

Join the PWA journey

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a web application enriched with certain features that allow shoppers to make purchases as if they were using a native shop application.

  • Progressive - can be run by any user, regardless of the browser selection.
  • Web - PWA pages are created in languages typical for the Internet, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • App - works as a native mobile (or desktop) application, which means that despite opening in the browser, it has a consistent interface with the mobile application and provides the same functions and shopping experience for the user.

Invest in PWA & boost your sells

Easy access to the store

With PWA, you don't have to download the app from Google Play or App Store. Just one click and the page will be saved on your phone as an icon on the screen.

Faster store page

Compared to websites that do not use this technology, PWA stores load much faster. In addition, they allow customers to partially browse the site offline.

Greater engagement

PWA allows the use of push notifications. You can use them to provide users with various types of information, such as order status, delivery dates and promotions. In this way you will engage the user and encourage him/her to visit again.

Increase in conversion

Increased loading speed and greater user involvement directly affect the most important thing from an e-commerce perspective, i.e. increased conversion. Conversion on mobile devices with PWA can increase up to 80%-90%.

Get perfect solutions for B2C & B2B


Conversion to mobile devices is relatively low. You can change with PWA. Progressive Web App is the future of web design. With PWA, users will easily install your shop's website on their phones, and you will give them the best possible mobile shopping experience.


Progressive Web Apps will also work in B2B. Everybody wants to buy quickly and conveniently - that's why your contractors will surely appreciate the possibility of placing an order or viewing invoices via mobile devices. Thanks to PWA, you will also be able to send them push notifications about new products on offer.

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For over 10 years, we have been accompanying our B2C and B2B customers in the digital transition. We help companies sell more effectively by designing and implementing efficient omnichannel and e-commerce solutions. If you want to sell more mobile, our team of specialists, developers, UX-designers and project managers will help you adapt your online store to the latest mobile standards.

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