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Creation of a dedicated module for digitalization of advertising catalogue for Castorama Poland.

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Brand story

Castorama Poland is a leader in the Home Improvement category in Poland.

The company opened its first shop in 1997. Currently it sells in 80 locations in different parts of Poland. It also provides customers throughout the country with access to its on-line offer. The company employs nearly 12 thousand people. Castorama Poland is part of Kingfisher plc, an international company with almost 1200 stores in 10 European countries.

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Customers buy via catalogues

Despite the growing popularity of online channels of reaching customers, shops still do not give up using the paper product catalogues. The reason for this is the continuing interest of customers in this form of obtaining information about the current offer. In Poland, as many as 60% of them shop at least once in a while using paper catalogues (according to the Consumer Panels & Services survey 2019). For customers, it is an attractive source of information about products and promotions. That is why Castorama.pl was looking for a way to transfer the traditional catalogues to an online channel to increase the possibilities of reaching its customers.

Marketing communication in the form of catalogues has always been one of the most popular ways to reach customers. Therefore, their digitalization has been a natural direction and challenge for us. The online version of the catalogues has been very well received by our customers and enjoys growing popularity. Additionally, the editor minimizes the time of preparation and publication of content, which was a key aspect for us - Tomasz Stefanowski, Service WWW Development Manager, Castorama Poland
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Benefits of content digitization tool

More possibilities of distribution

The possibility of distributing the catalogue in many electronic channels (social media, e-mail, website, app).

Positive brand image

Online catalogue also have an image function; a brand can creatively present an offer that will be attractive and engaging to customers.

Increase in sales

Customers can buy a product directly from the catalogue, after clicking on a marked product a window appears on the screen with the possibility of adding the product to the cart.

Data analysis

Access to data on how many recipients the catalogue reaches and how many users browse its electronic version and make a purchase based on the material available in it.

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User-friendly editor

Allows you to exchange the catalogue in PDF format for an online version. The module is easy to use, making digitizing the material a breeze. In every catalogue there is a possibility to mark products (mapping). Thanks to this, the user can easily make a purchase directly from the catalogue. After clicking on the selected product, a tile appears on the screen with a picture of the product, its name, price and the "Add to cart" button. The user can add the product from the catalogue to the cart or go to the full version of the product card and read the details of the article. The module also allows you to digitize thematic catalogues (e.g. "Interior design"), where you can link all the products visible on the photos.

We have also created a more extensive editor, which allows you to place photo galleries, videos, products presented in the form of product styling.