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Redesigning the website and improving the efficiency thanks to Magento 2 implementation.

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Premium fashion brand

Lancerto is a premium men's fashion brand, which has been on the market since 2008.

The company offers formal and smart casual clothing (suits, jackets, trousers), and also specializes in tailor-made clothes, taking into account the dimensions of individual customers (made-to-measure system). The brand has a nationwide sales network with locations in shopping malls of the largest Polish cities (47 stores).

Since its inception, Lancerto has focused on providing high quality customer service in every sales channel (omnichannel). In 2016, the brand launched its first e-commerce service based on Magento 1. After two years, the company decided to update the service to Magento 2.2.5 and improve the functionality of the store. All this to provide even better comfort and convenience to your customers while shopping.

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Commerce experience

The main goal of the project was to refresh the look of the shop to make it more modern and user-friendly. The company also wanted to improve the customer experience during shopping by simplifying the order placement process (checkout).

The decision to update the system was a matter of time. We wanted to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience and increase the efficiency of the site. Magento 2 provides us with all that - Mariusz Serafin, Dyrektor Marketingu i E-Commerce w Lancerto

Tailor-made integrations:

Two-sided integration with the ERP system

The store sends information to the ERP system about changes in statuses. Whereas, it downloads from the ERP system information about products, stock levels, statuses, showrooms.

Size adjustment tool

A tool that allows shoppers to better adjust the size of their clothes. The tool removes the uncertainty for the users about how to fit the garment to the dimensions.

4 months challange

For Strix it was a big challenge to migrate the store to Magento 2.2.5. In 4 months we had to add many features that were created from scratch (they were not native Magento options). The old version of the shop was struggling with overloads related to numerous and complicated operations, for which the ERP system was not adapted, which resulted in the stalling of the finalisation of purchases.

In addition, the store's website was loading too slowly due to low engine performance and lack of good enough cache mechanisms in Magento 1.

We had four months to do analytical work, integrate with the ERP provider and implement the system in production, which is quite a challenge with such a complex project and a large number of people involved. Our many years of experience in the implementation of Magento 2 system allowed us to implement a system tailored to customer expectations - Barbara Caban, E-commerce Project Manager w Strix
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Seamless checkout process

An important change in the shop's design was the shortening of the purchasing process. To do this, we combined a native Magento basket with a dedicated checkout. From now on, users can verify their order, enter shipping address, choose the delivery method and payment method in one window, without having to go through the pages. The introduction of this solution is an important factor from the perspective of the conversion optimization process - Lancerto can reduce the number of abandoned baskets.

Better menu experience

The new store menu was separated from the native menu, available in Magento 1. From the e-commerce manager's point of view, this change allows for a better organization of work in the system and the absence of the need to create unnecessary categories, e.g. when adding information about the latest promotions to the menu, links to external websites or static pages. In the new version of the system, there is a specially designed place for this purpose, so we do not litter the category tree with unnecessary elements, e.g. created for the purposes of promotion or extracting the given products.

We have also introduced a change that improves the user experience and convenience of using the store by improving the mechanics of menu use (opening and closing).

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Outstanding fashion photos

We have added the possibility to place graphics in the product listings in a given category. The picture can be embedded on the width of one 2 or even 3 product tiles (in the old version of the service it was possible to embed the picture only on the width of 1 tile). With this feature you can recommend additional products or promotions to users. This increases the chance that a potential customer will benefit from a product hint and, consequently, buy an additional item.