Implementation of Magento 2 Commerce platform for Shop4Runners


Implementation of Magento 2 Commerce platform for Shop4Runners

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About the brand

Explosion is a German brand specialising in the distribution of running shoes, running clothing and running accessories. The brand owns the shops: Shop4runners, Sportwerk. 

Upgrade of e-commerce platform

The Explosion brand approached our company looking for an experienced partner to migrate its e-commerce system from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce. As part of our cooperation, we also prepared a new shop design in four language versions: German, Austrian, English and Swiss. 

Implemented solutions

Migration of an e-commerce system to Magento 2 

Thanks to this, the e-commerce system is more efficient, secure, and our client has gained, among other things, better tools for creating sales content - Page Builder, by means of which he can easily generate landing pages presenting a specific brand and then use them in specific marketing actions. 

New shop UX design 

We designed a new shop design compliant with the best user experience practices and matching the branding of the sports brand. Among other things, we prepared two versions of the home page - the one before gender selection ( and the one adjusted to women, men or children (e.g. A returning visitor to the shop will see the appropriate version with gender-specific products until the browser data is cleared. We used a mobile-first design approach when designing the new look, which resulted in a refined mobile version that is used by more users. 

Template on Hyvä Themes

The frontend layer of the shop was created based on Hyvä Themes. It is the latest way to create themes for Magento 2, which ensures high efficiency, significantly accelerates the implementation of the shop, which allows you to launch your offer on the market faster. Using the Hyvä template is also a way to optimise the loading speed of the website, which also translates into increased conversions in the shop. 

Quick checkout on Vue.js

We implemented a custom checkout based on the modern Vue.js framework, which streamlines the shopping experience for users across all devices and browsers. 

One-step checkout

We used one-step checkout in the shop, thanks to which the user does not have to go through many steps of the purchase process. All the most important data to be completed is visible in one place, which speeds up the finalisation of the purchase. 


Integration with Elastcsearch - a search engine that improves customer experience and conversion with scalable, flexible and fast technology. 

A better shopping experience

Our client focuses on personalising the shopping experience and building a unique shopping experience. Therefore, in the new version of the online shop we have implemented many solutions to help users choose the right product.

Size chart

In order to facilitate the selection of the right size, we have prepared a special "Size tables" module, which is available on the product card. In the module you can see the exact sizes of the products and a practical guide on how to measure yourself properly to choose the right product.

Product comparison engine

A comparison engine which allows comparing several products by specific attributes. The user can add products to the comparison engine from the listing or product card level. The results of the comparison are presented in the form of a table, which collects the most important information about the products selected for comparison. Additionally, as a form of customisation, under each product there is a button "Similar products". - After clicking it, the user is redirected to a list of products with already selected options in the filters - to offer him well-matched products.


The OneFID plugin is a tool for recommending and matching the best size of products - it offers suggestions either by using the mobile app and making a scan of the footwear (available when the user is logged in), or the user has to fill in a few steps - recommendations on the data collected in the system. 

Personalisation and loyalty

To build user engagement and brand loyalty, we have introduced a loyalty program. As part of the program, users can create a premium account where they collect points which can then be exchanged for a discount voucher. A consumer who creates such an account collects points for purchases, and also receives bonus points - for example on the occasion of a birthday or to reach a specific number of purchases. 

We can tailor our offers and personalise our e-mail communications to these users by collecting data on their favourite shoe model, brand, runner's foot type, surface and more.  

Multiple payment and delivery methods

To meet the needs of consumers, we have launched an online shop that allows quick online shopping with multiple payment and delivery options. Buttons for PayPal Express and Amazon Pay are visible on the product card - when the user clicks on them, they are immediately taken to the payment. The buttons are also available in the shopping basket - a convenient option for shoppers to speed up the shopping process. 


In the shop we use the backorders function. On the product card we communicate the availability of the product, if the product is currently out of stock then you will see information such as "Lieferbar in ca. 3-4 Werktagen "
The product can be purchased, but will be shipped in a few days, this is clear information for customers if they care about receiving the shipment on time. 


Returnportal is available in the shop. If a customer would like to return or claim a product, they can do so without having to fill in a return/complaint form. If the customer is from Germany, the portal allows them to download the DHL return label straight away. We also add links to the email for downloading the return form and the label. We generate a barcode on the return form based on the invoice number from the ERP so that the warehouse can easily find the return in the system.

This makes the whole process easier for the customer (whether a registered user or a guest).