Iluve lights up Poland with Magento 2


Implementation one of the most extensive e-commerce projects in Poland on the Magento 2.

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Brand story is a start-up offering lamps and lighting from leading manufacturers.

The product catalogue has over 13,000 SKUs and is constantly growing. The store is designed to inspire users and supports dedicated functionality for the lighting industry.

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E-commerce challenges

  • Magento 2 - comprehensive redesign and implementation of the B2C system based on the Magento 2 platform.
  • Integrations - preparation of documentation and integration with Comarch XL systems, integration with custom PIM solution and Blue Media payment platform.
  • Shopping lists - development of the unique shopping lists solutions as an extension of Magento’s native functionalities to the lighting industry
  • Functions - extending Magento's native functions and adapting them to the needs of customers in the lighting industry.

Key technologies

The implementation process included the assortment analysis, allowing to adapt the ready functional design to the client’s needs. The assortment analysis took into account both the specifics of the products and the Magento 2 methodology of operation. A workshop with the client discovered the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the product information structure.

In addition to Magneto implementation, we prepared the full documentation and customization of the system API to integrate the PIM and ERP system.

Since the team only had 4 months for analysis and implementation, it was necessary to select really experienced developers. It was crucial to precisely define with the client how to develop or modify Magneto functions so that the implementation proceeded efficiently within 4 months - Robert Żochowski, Dyrektor IT, Strix

Sales support solutions

Shopping list system

The project expanded functionality of native Magneto 2 shopping lists. The system allows to create any number of shopping lists and share them in many ways, ie via e-mail, link, Facebook or Twitter. The tool was designed to be used by end users as well as architects and interior designers. Thanks to such a solution, architects working on the interior design projects can provide their client with a link to the list of selected products, and the customer can make a purchase with a “one click”.

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Product page

The product page has comprehensive technical information, ranging from technical drawings, through technical diagrams to help users to estimate the dimensions of the lamp and analyze the detailed product photography.

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System of bulbs recommendation

When you buy a lamp, that does not have a dedicated light bulb in the set, the system pops up a window with the list of recommended bulbs, that fits to selected lamp. We significantly simplified the purchase process and strengthen the customer experience.

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Redesigned checkout

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