Online flower sales for QFB


Online flower sales for QFB

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QFB Gardening is a flower bulb wholesaler specializing in premium rare and collectible plants. QFB Gardening (formerly Queen Flower Bulbs) exports flowers to various countries in Europe and North America.

We have implemented an online shop for the client based on the Shopware 5 platform.The shop in its new design is available in many countries and languages. 

About the project 

QFB Gardening has been in business since 2010. Since then, the company has grown considerably and has concrete plans for development. The Magento-based online shop no longer matched these ambitions, the platform did not guarantee the desired growth, so the client decided to change. The new e-commerce system was to meet the needs of the increasing popularity of online channels. We proposed Shopware - which is ideal for international platforms, as its extensive functionality facilitates sales in many countries and languages. 

Choosing Shopware

The brand opted for Shopware given the dynamic growth of the platform, as well as its marketing functionality. The Shopping Worlds option offers many opportunities to create inspiration pages, which fits perfectly with the brand's character. QFB Gardening includes plant care tips and tricks on its site to provide customers with an even better shopping experience, as well as sharing its extensive experience in growing plants. 

There is a strong emphasis on good quality and eye-catching product images. Already from the menu level - by hovering the cursor over the relevant category - the customer can see the flower images. Thanks to the well-designed navigation, the user can easily find his way around the wide range of products and find a particular flower or bulb. 


The new online shop was realized in Shopware 5 and has integrations with ERP and PIM systems Akeneo and Exact Online, among others. Our team worked on enabling the simultaneous sale of products from the 'on sale', 'catologue (temporarily unavailable)' and 'pre-sale' categories - in relation to spring bulbs. What is emblematic of QFB Garderning's items is their seasonality and the fact that stock changes from day to day. What was sold out yesterday may be back in stock tomorrow or next week. The connection to ERP ensures that stock levels are always up to date.