Semilac increases sales with Magento 2


The new e-commerce platform also had a significant impact on improving shop performance.

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Brand story

Semilac is the market leader of hybrid nail polishes. It belongs to the Nesperta company.

The growing popularity of the brand and dynamic sales growth made the company decided to introduce changes in the scope of shopping experience and technology and implement Magneto 2 Commerce.

Project scope

Semilac approached us with a comprehensive project and implementation of the e-commerce system on the Magento 2 Commerce platform. The scope of work included strategic workshops, analysis of requirements and operational processes, design of optimal processes (integration and purchase), UX / UI interaction project.

Project challenges

Semilac was looking for a solution that:

  • will improve operational processes of direct sales to lower the operational cost,
  • will allow to efficiently handle large volumes of daily sales and sales peaks, reaching thousands of orders a day,
  • will allow implementing efficient cross-border sales on a global scale,
  • will enable active multi-channel sales strategy with an emphasis on social commerce.

Multi-channel and cross-border sales

The new Semilac online store based on Magento 2 Commerce was the first step to multi-channel and cross-border sales strategy execution. The new system was an answer to the challenge of implementation of sales scalable platform that will handle planed growth. The implementation also included an automatic integration with the ERP system to reduce the cost of order processing.

An innovative way of varnishes styling presentation

To simplify the purchasing process and strengthen the shopping motivation we introduced an innovative way of presenting the stylization with the use of Semilac varnishes. Once clicking on the selected stylization, a user gets a ready to buy list of varnishes used in presented stylization. As a result, customers no longer have to guess what products were used.

Selecting Magento 2 Commerce Edition

In the case of Semilac, it was important to choose and implement a highly efficient system architecture in order to handle a large number of transactions on a monthly basis and numerous sales peaks. Why recommended Magento 2 Commerce platform, which has developed for the large e-commerce systems.