Performance audit

One of the challenges faced by shop owners on Magento is the speed of loading the site and technical problems associated with the e-commerce platform. An audit of the online store allows you to learn the details of implementation, architecture and indicate the areas responsible for potentially low performance of the e-commerce system.

Speed up your store

The faster the shop's website loads, the better shopping experience you will provide your customers with. The efficiency of the shop makes the customers more willing to return to it, which translates into increased conversion. Time, in this case, is really money. If you want to achieve better results, we will conduct a performance audit for you, which will allow you to learn the details of the implementation, its architecture and identify the areas responsible for potentially low performance of e-commerce platforms.

Learn about the benefits of an audit

During the shop audit we thoroughly check the site code to assess the technical condition of Magento. Then, we propose specific actions to improve the efficiency of the store, and thus, will positively affect the achievement of your business objectives.

Increase in sales

Consumers expect the store's website to load quickly. The audit will show you those elements that are problematic from the users' point of view and make customers resign from shopping.

Better service performance

We will prepare a report on the Magento system behaviour at the assumed traffic load and simulate the assumed number of orders. You will gain knowledge about the amount of traffic that the current system and server environment can handle.

Eliminating code errors

We will show you programming errors and major errors in the application code that affect the stability and performance of the e-commerce platform.

When to carry out the audit?

  • Your shop on Magento is running too slow, and you're having trouble speeding it up.
  • You want to make sure that your customers can shop without problems.
  • You are planning to upgrade your e-commerce system, but you do not know where to start.

Audit step by step

Step 1: System analysis

Inventory of system architecture of the entire Magento system implementation in several areas: implementation architecture, system configuration, traffic volume, number of users, products, integration.

Step 2: Server analysis

Evaluation of the configuration of the server environment to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement. The evaluation includes analysis of: system requirements, connections and services, server architecture, correctness of the environment.

Step 3: Performance and code monitoring

Analysis of Magento application behavior on production servers, code analysis and service loading speed in the following areas: server infrastructure, database, PHP scripts, script execution, page content building, page code analysis, loading speed analysis.

Step 4: Recommendation

Summary meeting with expert evaluation, indication of problem areas and recommendations for further actions. Development and presentation of the final document with a list of bottlenecks in the area of: performance, page speed, errors that need to be modified, indication of weaknesses in the server environment.

Why Strix?

We conducted audits of Magento-based stores for the largest brands. Read the case study how we increased the speed of loading the store to 1.8 seconds for Castorama Poland.

Our approach to audit execution is based on the experience and good practices developed during the participation of Magento Expert Consulting Group - a consulting group within the structures of Magento, Inc.

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