Castorama Poland improved the quality of online product search


Implementation of intelligent e-commerce search engine SearchNode for Castorama Poland.

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Inside DIY brand

Castorama Poland is a leader in the Home Improvement category in Poland.

The company opened its first shop in 1997. Currently it sells in 80 locations in different parts of Poland. It also provides customers throughout the country with access to its on-line offer. The company employs nearly 12 thousand people. Castorama Poland is part of Kingfisher plc, an international company with almost 1200 stores in 10 European countries.

Results for e-commerce leaders


Optimization of search mechanisms to boost sales without increasing store traffic.


Attractive for the user presentation of the search engine bar, suggested hints and results.


To ensure fast, convenient and efficient search and high accuracy of responses.

The best search experience

Our client has a wide range of goods with about 50 thousand products from different categories. Therefore, the biggest challenge for Castorama Poland was to provide users with a convenient e-commerce search engine in the online store that will give them the best-matching search results and excellent customer experience.

The client also wanted it to be a tool that uses the latest technology available on the market and is constantly evolving so that they can improve their search capabilities in the future.

60% of the traffic from the home page goes directly to the search engine. That's why we were looking for a solution that is flexible, efficient and can be implemented quickly. The search engine SearchNode, which Strix has proposed, meets these requirements. Moreover, it increases the chance to keep users on the site and turn their visits into conversions - Tomasz Stefanowski, Service WWW Development Manager, Castorama Polska

E-commerce search engine

According to Forrester Research, up to 43% of users go directly to the search bar on the websites. That is why the product search engine is a key element in every online store - its efficiency and usability translates into increased conversion. As part of the solution, we offered the client the search engine SearchNode, which provides the service users with quick and accurate answers to the user’s questions.

The application of this solution allows for increasing the positive purchasing experience of consumers. SearchNode offers several features that improve the customer experience, including auto-completion and tracking of each user's queries. All this makes it easier for the user to use the search engine and, what is more, allows proposing alternative products to maximize conversion.

Selected SearchNode functions

Search Assistant

SearchNode tracks every user's search and prevents them from leaving the site by offering alternative products to increase conversion.

Contextual filters

Advanced search algorithms analyze the context of each query and select only the appropriate filters and categories. This makes search results more precise.


Suggests the right keywords as well as the best-suited products, even before users finish entering the query.

Analyses and reports

The search engine provides analytical reports from which users can, among others, capture the most popular products and optimize marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Castorama in TOP 5 stores with convenient search engines

The use of SearchNode for Castorama has brought the expected results. The search engine implemented by us was among the top five in the ranking of "Comfortable search engines in e-commerce". (Usability Lab, 2019). In the ranking, Castorama also won first place in the category of shops serving the greatest variety of inquiries, meeting 90% of the audit criteria. The report takes into account several important criteria that the SearchNode search engine provides for Castorama. The search engine handles various types of questions well.